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DC Preview: Supergirl #57

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Postby PREVIEWtron » Wed Oct 06, 2010 9:00 am

DC Preview: Supergirl #57DC Comics has released an advance preview of Supergirl #57, in stores on 10/06/2010!
From the DCU Blog:

We swung by SUPERGIRL Assistant Editor Wil Moss’ office last week and got a chance to get a sneak peek at his usually impressive wall of covers, but also at a bit of news. Looks like the hyper-talented Bernard Chang will be returning to the Superman books with a guest spot on SUPERGIRL #57, pairing him with regular writer Sterling Gates. We’ve got a first look at some of the finished pages (which are lovely, but click below to find out for yourselves), but before we show ‘em off, let’s touch base with Wil to get a sense of why his issue merits some special attention.

“SUPERGIRL #57 is the conclusion of the ‘BizarroGirl’ arc, and Bernard Chang took over art duties for an issue to end things in high style! (And to give Jamal Igle & Jon Sibal a well-deserved break!) Writer Sterling Gates threw everything he could at Bernard to try to trip him up – Bizarro versions of practically the entire DCU, a planet-destroying monster with tons of smaller symbiotic monsters, an army of Bizarro Kryptonians, even a vulnerable Cat Grant! – but nothing could stop him. See for yourself!”

DC Preview: Supergirl #57

DC Preview: Supergirl #57

DC Preview: Supergirl #57

DC Preview: Supergirl #57

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