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The Indy Showcase Brings You: A Poet's Mind by Alex Ness

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Postby LOLtron » Wed Apr 09, 2014 7:46 pm

The Indy Showcase Brings You: A Poet's Mind by Alex Ness

Welcome to The Indy Showcase in which we are proud to bring you Author and Poet Alex Ness in a brand new column, A Poet's Mind. From the words of Mr. Ness himself!

Source: Alex Ness

Think?  Feel?  Well at the very least if I write it is evidence that I am someone who can read, and that I can put a sentence together, now and then.  I have been asked by people “how do I become a better poet?”.  I tell them, by writing poems and reading.   I realize this remarkably straight-forward and simple sounding but it isn’t.  If you don’t write all the time you do not practice and learn your craft.  If you do not read you do not expose your mind to fuel for your mind to grow.   So read and write, and you will grow as a poet.   
So now, after my previous columns of explaining what a poet is, here is what a poet is not.   A poet is not any different than any other writer in that he or she puts words to paper.   Whether they work or not, calling him or herself a poet does not, by any means, make the words good.  So then you might wonder how a poem from a poet measures differently than from someone who doesn’t call what they consider themselves to be a poet.  You might wonder if a poet can tell a difference between a poem written by a common person, a writer who doesn’t call their calling to be a poet, and that by a poet.   My answer is simple, No.   The deeper answer is this, No, and if you worry about that too much you need to go take a giant shit.  You have issues that go beyond intellectual thought and delve deeply into OCD and other problem areas.
I get asked to write poems for people a lot, and generally they don’t get the kind of poem they are looking for.   The reason for that is quite simple.   I am not a poem monkey.   I don’t write upon command and if they request me to write, I might, but the result is what it is.  Satisfaction is not guaranteed.   However, I’ve had people say that my work, upon command, is very good, that doesn’t always equate them getting what they’d hope.  For the most part, let me suggest, if you want a greeting card poem, go buy a card.  If you want a piece of my heart, then tell me what you want.   There is a difference.
Usually I try to explain my poems but this one is pretty self evidently about my going NUTS.  The image is from the US government and is public domain.
necrotic time 
nothing stops the darkness
from coming at the end of the light
my fears rise in response
to the screaming dreams
that come with night
like ants marching
the footsteps never stop
inexorable entropy
time passes
while the children sing
anthems to the dead
who will never rise
nor bring hope
time passes
death laughing
while I decay
time laughs
death is passing by
and I am flailing
in my sleep
(For more of Alex Ness's poetry, other works and books written by Alex Ness check him out here.)

Written or Contributed by Indy Hunter


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