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Art Crit Introduction:

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Factor 8

Postby AntiLogic » Tue May 06, 2008 10:56 pm

If you're familiar with my art, are aware of my experience and history, and you're interested in my tips and advice on your art, then you're welcome to post your art in this forum.

To keep it a bit easier for me, please post one new topic per new piece or grouping of your art that you wish for me to review. Some of my comments may be lengthy, others not, depending on how your art inspires me. But I'll tell you how I feel about it and steps you can take to improve your skills and/or take you to the next levels, in your professional and/or personal quest as an artist.

The art you can post here for review is not just limited to comics art. You can post your art from any of these disciplines, below:


• Illustration & Painting: Stylized, Cartoony, Photo-Realistic, Fantasy, Science Fiction

• Classical Painting: Oils, Acrylics, Watercolors

• Conceptual Illustration: Characters, Creatures, Costumes, Backgrounds, Buildings, Landscapes, Vehicles

• Storyboard Illustration: For every occasion

• Comic books / Graphic Novels: Penciling, Inking, Coloring, Painting, Lettering


• 3D Production: Character Modeling, Character Animation, Texture Mapping, Binding & Rigging, Props & Sets, Lighting, Rendering

• VFX & Live Action Integration: Roto-Scoping, Wire Removal, Green Screen Removal, 2D/3D Compositing, 2D/3D/ Motion Tracking, 2D/3D Visual Effects, 2D/3D Particles, Digital Matte Painting

• Video Production: 2D/3D Motion Graphics, Video Editing

• Multimedia & Interactive: Graphic Design, HTML/PHP/FLASH Web Design & Development, 2D/3D Interactive Gaming Design & Development


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