Rituals Artshow/Viva Hate performance

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Title: Finally...

Rituals Artshow/Viva Hate performance

Postby ziza9 » Mon Jan 24, 2011 7:42 pm

I have some art that is going to be featured in an art show in Ventura, CA this Friday. If anyone is going to be in the area this week/weekend feel free to come out and check out all of the work by some really talented artists. (Not including my crappy pieces, which you can also check out there. ;) If anything, it'll be a chance to meet some of you in the real world. Oh, my real name's Guy Copes in case anyone didn't know that.

Friday, January 28 · 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Location Pangaea (aka: The Dirty Vynil)
1644 East Thompson Boulevard
Ventura, CA

Show is Themed "Rituals" and will cover all aspects of the Occult from witchcraft to Alchemy to Religious rites OR anything the artist deems appropriate with the theme . The artists will Interpret the theme in any which way or form they wish. Any Medium is welcome :)

...There will be live painting and models. Tarot readings and a drum circle. Bands go on after 9pm! VIVA HATE!!!!!!!!
Leo Jurado,
Manuel Valenzuela,
Daniel Perez,
Evan Ames,
Gloria Centurion,
Joe Romero,
Diana Levin,
Rolando Camarena,
Urian Muro,
Lili Avila,
Pops Valenzuela
Richard Arcia,
Edmund Lara,
Irving Saravia,
P.C Zavala,
Jorge Puga,
Uriel “Oreo” Leon,
Carolina Alcala,
Elizabeth Herrera,
Paty Diaz,
Tony Garcia,
Chris Granillo
Berenice Gonzales
JJ Poff
Guy D. Copes III
Jimmy Bell
Elroy Orduno
and many more!
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