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Postby dairydead » Wed Oct 07, 2009 9:06 pm

damn it , i lost my sketchbook. No worries though.
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Rain Partier

Postby Greg » Wed Oct 07, 2009 10:28 pm

shannonh wrote:Keep it up and good luck. :)

Heh, good looks and thanks.


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Rain Partier

Postby Greg » Mon Oct 26, 2009 6:24 pm

Tableau and the Dream-Weaver

Page One

Panel One: Our hero, Jeremy Tableau, is asleep in bed. He’s a young black man in his early-to-mid twenties. He’s half naked with only black boxer briefs on which is currently covered with his bed sheets. He’ll only be wearing the boxer-briefs throughout the script. He looks a bit uneasy as he’s asleep. We won’t be seeing much of his room with the type of shots coming up, but if it’d help in any way, his room is neatly kept. There’s a large amount of books on one side of the room and a TV set with movies across the bed. There are also a lot of different types of artifacts, such as African masks on the wall, statues and art pieces from different cultures. His walls are black and white, the color side-by-side from each wall. One wall is white, the next is black, and so on. Once again, no need to go out of the way to showcase all of this. I’m pretty sure we’ll mostly only be seeing the bed/bed sheets which should be black and white also.

Jeremy: ngh!…

Panel Two: Jeremy has now woken up in a jolt as he’s sitting up. Sweat pouring down, his face showing a state of shock.

Panel Three: Another shot of Jeremy this time covering his face.

Jeremy: Ugh, what the ****…

SFX: ssssSSSSSSSSssssss…..

Panel Four: Wide panel shot of now a giant and horrific python standing up besides the bed, hissing at Jeremy with it’s jaws wide open. The snake should be as tall as the ceiling and taking an immense amount of room.

Jeremy: You’ve gotta be fuc--

Panel Five: Same shot as panel five on the last page, only this time the python has dropped it’s jaws around Jeremy, engulfing him.

Page Two

Panel One: Jeremy is now inside of the snake but instead of the surrounds resembling the actual insides of the python, there’s a ton of space around him as if he were underwater in the ocean. He’s swimming around, the water being a tint of red. Behind him we see a shadow of a figure from a distance.

Panel Two: Jeremy is still floating wondering where he is, his head looking at a different direction while behind him the weird figure is getting larger.

Panel Three: Same shot, but Jeremy has now turned around and sees the figure much closer to him. The creature is extremely horrifying, like something out of a sci-fi movie as it’s swimming near him. For reference of what I have in mind, check out the sci-fi flick The Faculty and see the look of the alien in it’s natural form. Teeth are clenched and ready to be used as it’s gotten so much closer in such a short time at Jeremy.

Panel Four: Close-up on Jeremy, his eyes filled with complete shock and fright.

Panel Five: Jeremy is swimming upwards, pedaling his feet quickly to get to the top as the creature is at his tail.

Panel Six: A shot looking from the top down at Jeremy, struggling to reach for the top as the creature is a lot closer to him, it’s mouth completely wide open about to engulf Jeremy the way the python before had eaten him.

Page Three

Panel One: We’re in a completely different setting now. The ground is literally a floor of bones and skulls. The red tint from the water is gone as this area is completely dry and a bit dull, mostly black and white, the skies being a black and gray vortex and the skulls and bones being the white. There’s also a collection of headstones aligned next to each other, six of them. In the middle of the ground we see a hand emerging from down under, the hand belonging to Jeremy.

Panel Two: A shot in front of Jeremy as he’s crawling himself up from the ground, dry as if he weren’t underwater. We don’t see the head stones as this shot is in front of him where the head stones are to him.

Panel Three: He’s finally completely out from below as he’s on his knees catching his breath.

Addam (off-panel): Now if it isn’t my black sheep of a son.

Panel Four: Now we’re looking at the directions of the headstones, Jeremy still on his knees but looking up as a man is leaning against one of the headstones. So for this shot we should be behind Jeremy. The mystery man resembles Jeremy but is much older and bigger. He’s wearing a black and white suit, his arms crossed with a clove cigarette in his mouth, smoke flowing out the tip of it forming random faces.

Addam: Even while I’m dead I still feel disappointed. You’ve pretty much been the death of me. Hell, I’m sitting on my headstones as is.

Panel Five: A close-up of Jeremy’s eyes looking angrily, this should be a small panel not taking up too much space.

Panel Six-Seven: Small panels showcasing the names on the headstones this this order: Jai Tableau, Roxanne Tableau, Lebeur, Sarah Williams, Gerard Owens. These two panels should be very small and long going across the page, not taking much space at all. There’s also dialogue balloons for each headstone, the dialogue belonging to Addam.

Addams: (referring to Jai) My fantastic and favorite child… (referring to Roxanne) My loving and beautiful wife… (Lebeur) Our pet, part of the family practically… (Sarah) As innocent as a roses’ pedal… (Gerard) Hell, even your best friend… You just can’t help but destroy what you touch, huh?

Page Four

For panels one-three, they should all be aligned together side-by-side.

Panel One: Close-up of Jeremy pissed.

Jeremy: You’re not my father.

Panel Two: Close-up of Addam with a sinister smile on his face,

Panel Three: Back to Jeremy as he’s reached out his hand towards us.

Jeremy: Into the light I command thee! Who the **** are you?!

Panel Four and Five are side-by-side. Dialogue balloon is connected in the middle of the panels, pointing to whoever is speaking.

Panel Four: Back to Addam, only this time he’s resembled someone else. A black man, much slim and slender than Addam was with a long goatee each his torso. His eyes are very intimidating and frightening. He’s also wearing a top hat and a black suit jacket over a black t-shirt and black slacks. He also has a black cane with a skull on top of it. The black clove cigarette is still in his mouth forming small faces of smoke. This man is Dr. Dorme Revv.

Panel Five: Back to Jeremy, still fumed.

Dr. Revv: So this is the infamous Jeremy Tableau. Not impressed, I must say. I hear so much things about you. I was expecting more… especially considering who your father is… was.

Jeremy: You didn’t answer my question. And what the hell do you want with me?

Dr. Revv: You’ve no idea who I am, do you? Ha. Oh you will know. My name is Dr. Dorme Revv.

Jeremy: You’re a Dream-Weaver.

Dr. Revv: And I want revenge.

Jeremy: For what? What the **** did I do to you? I don’t even know you!

Dr. Revv: Rochelle Marshal is my wife. You ****ed her a few nights ago.

Page Five

Panel One: A side shot of both Revv and Jeremy standing across from each other with space in between them. In the background which we’ll see between them is a mattress with two figures having sex under sheets. We only see the back of the guy who’s suppose to be Jeremy and the arms of a woman on his back. This is a re-imagine of what happened between Jeremy and Revv’s wife. Jeremy is looking at the direction of the mattress, Revv is still looking deep at Jeremy, pissed.

Dr. Revv: And don’t you dare deny that isn’t you.

Rochelle: Oh Jeremy Tableau! Fuuuuck me!

Jeremy: Crud! In my defense, I didn’t know she was married!

Panel Two: Close-up of Jeremy looking embarrassed.

Rochelle (off-panel): Oh, my God, Jeremy! If only my husband ****ed me like this!

Jeremy: …yeeeeaaaahhh…

Panel Three: Revv has struck his cane across Jeremy’s head, blood bursting out.


Panel Four: Jeremy is on his knees as Dr. Revv is behind him choking him with his cane and his hands are literally phrasing through Jeremy’s head. Jeremy is in excruciating pain as blood is leaking from where Revv’s fingers are in Jeremy’s head and tears are falling from his eyes as one hand is trying to fight Revv’s arm off while the other hand is trying to push the cane off. Revv’s face is next to Jeremy’s ears as if he were whispering in his ears very menacingly.

Dr. Revv: Remember how this feels.

Panel Five: We’re back to Jeremy’s bedroom as he’s lain in his bed in terrible pain. He’s crunched to a fetal position and his hands are pressed hard against his head, eyes are in pain with tears falling out.


Dr. Revv (off-panel): Until next time, mother****er.
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Rain Partier

Postby Greg » Mon Dec 21, 2009 2:36 am

Jeremy Tableau and the Green Globe

Page One

Panel One: A green globe the size of a small apartment room is floating in the air, the background a sky of just plain darkness. Inside of the globe we can see a number of individuals. You can’t make out much of them, but there are about eight individuals, three on the ground.

Caption (Jeremy): Yep, here I am in another predicament. This has been one of the many nightmares I’ve been in thanks to an annoying ass Dream-Weaver with a grudge.

Panel Two: We’re now inside of the globe. The three people on the ground are dead while live people are active, depending on the definition of each individual. Our hero, Jeremy Tableau, early 20s, black, good-looking and well dressed in a white suit, is sitting down against the sphere, annoyed but calm. The others are: Hal, a man in his 30s and normally dressed, pacing around with a pissed exterior; Benny, a boy who looks about ten but is really a demon which is showcased as his skin color is blue; Holly, a strange goth girl who’s knees are pressed to her chest, her eye make-up running down her cheeks due to her tears; and Christine, a very thin blond woman, late 20s, concern all around her face as she’s trying to comfort the distressed Holly.

Caption: I’ve been enveloped in here for a few days… least that’s how it feels like. I could have be here for only ten minutes and through manipulation of a Dream-Weaver make it seem like an eternity…

Panel Three: A shot of Jeremy, still calm.

Caption: It definitely feels like about a week now… and my patience is running thin… how do I get outta here?

Panel Four: A close-up of Hal, still angry, staring a disturbing glare towards us.

Caption: And this brother man, Hal, definitely out to get me… Since the moment I’ve got here…

Panel Five: Back to Jeremy, this time a close-up, his eyes a bit more squinted at Hal.

Caption: Hmm…

Page Two

Panel One: This is a flash-back scene of what seems to feel like about a week ago for Jeremy. If you can find another color palette, maybe a brownish type color or probably black and white, it could help differentiate between the past and present. Jeremy is lying on the floor, looking as if he had just woken up from a slumber. He’s surrounded by everyone in the globe, this time two of the dead people in it alive.

Jeremy: …wha…

Christine: ..Christ. Another one. You’re alive, young man. But you’re in a Dream-Weaver’s Green Globe.

Panel Two: Close-up on Jeremy, shocked.

Caption: Fuck! The Green Globe. I’ve been told of this. The Green Globe is a Dream-Weaver’s prison, a way of punishing. No one ever gets out… alive at least to my knowledge.

Panel Three: A shot of Holly, crying as she is in Christine’s arms.

Caption: The paper thin woman’s name is Christine. A psychic, she told me. Found snooping around mental archives of Dream-Weavers. This is her punishment. And the Goth chick’s Holly. I have a strong feeling she’s been in this predicament before…

Panel Four: A shot now of Hal, sitting down. He has an evil like snug on his face.

Hal: Mr. Jeremy Tableau. The Black Sheep. What trouble did you cause this time? Lemme guess, you banged a Dream-Weaver’s wife? Got a daughter knocked up? Heh heh heh…

Caption: Who is this guy?

Panel Five: A shot now of the two other prisoners who were dead in the beginning of the story. This is their death scene. One has stabbed the other in the stomach, his arms shaped like a giant blade, the other’s sharp nails phasing through the first guy’s head, everything a gore-fest. In the background you see Christine covering Holly’s head from the violence all the while Hal is laughing, taking pleasure.

Caption: What felt like only a day for me seem like years for these two. And they despised each other…

Panel Six: Close-up on Hal’s face, laughing at all this.

Caption: Thanks to Hal filling in lies to both of them since the first day I’ve been here.

Page Three

Panel One: Back to Jeremy, rubbing his hands through his hair in plain frustration. This is back to the present, so the regular coloring is back. Jeremy actually looks pale, a bit weaker.

Caption: Dammit, it’s been like a few months now… no… it can’t be… months? Fuck! I can’t take this anymore. I need to get out of here…Need to…have to…need...

Panel Two: Still on Jeremy, his hands covering his face, although his eye is peering through a crack from his fingers. His eyes are bloodshot and deranged.

Caption: …A year… I’ve been here a year. A year and change. 12 months and one thousand, six hundred, seventy five hours. Three seconds. No… only two weeks. A month or two… of five… a decade. Fuck.

Panel Three: Close-up on Holly.

Caption: Her. Yes, her. No. If I do it, she’ll die. I haven’t mastered it yet. Do it. You have to. I want to get out…

Panel Four: Back to Jeremy, his knees pressed against his chest, his head down inside of his folded arms. From the bits we can see of his skin, it’s turning a bit red as a bit of steam is coming off him.

Caption: Fuck it. I have to do it. My momma depends on it… Momma. First I shake what momma gave me. Then…

Panel Five: A long shot showcasing everyone in the globe. Jeremy has been sitting directly across from Holly and Christine. From Jeremy on the left is a transparent figure of himself flying out of him, his soul. The figure is flowing across as it then settles into Holly.

Page Four

Panel One: A small shot of Holly’s eyes opening up in shock.

Panel Two-Four: These are all aligned next to each other and not taking much space, if you can. These are all vivid memories from Holly’s head that Jeremy is seeing. If you can, have Jeremy stand in the middle of panel three, looking down at panels two-four in front of him. We’re behind him as if we’re peering from his shoulder. He has one of his hands to his neck. Panel Two is of Holly choking someone; Three, she’s stabbed someone else; Four, she’s cracked another person's neck. If we can see her face in any of them, showcase her fright, regret on her face and some tears.

Caption: Oh no… that’s how we win this game? I have to…

Panel Five: A shot looking up at Jeremy who’s looking down at his hand that was on his neck which now has blood. His neck is bleeding as if it were bit.

Caption: Bloody ambrosia…

Panel Six: A shot outside of Holly mind. We’re behind Jeremy’s real body now as he’s coming back to life. He’s looking ahead at Holly in Hal’s arms, his teeth ravaging into her snow white neck, blood dripping to the ground. Everyone else in the room is dead, all victims of Hal vamperic attack.

Hal: So that’s the answer… I knew it. Five hundred years, all this time.

Page Five

Panel One: Close-up of Hal, smiling, his fangs sharp and bloody as the blood is dripping all over his chin.

Hal: I should have sucked her dry for the answers this whole time. Each person you kill until you’re the last. Last person alive leaves. I tried to kill you first… but your skin burns like the sun.

Panel Two: Jeremy is still kneeled against the ground, although about to get up. He looks even weaker than before, his possession of Holly obviously taking a toll on him. Sweat is pouring down his face.

Jeremy: Momma’s gift… I shaked… Ha. What she gave me. Bake and shake.

Panel Three: A long shot again, but tighter on the two characters. Hal has thrown Holly’s lifeless body to the ground and is menacingly walking towards Jeremy who is backed up against the green globe’s wall.

Hal: Now to be rid of you. And I’m outta here.

Jeremy: Whoever put you here…

Panel Four: Close-up on Jeremy, although weak has a sly smile on his face. A sly smile of confidence although Hal’s hands are around his neck.

Jeremy: …Must really hate you.

Panel Five: Same shot, only this time Jeremy is phasing out of the Green Globe. Jeremy has a bigger smile on his face, Hal’s hands still in the panel, squeezing a neck that’s no longer in his grasps.

Jeremy: You’re already dead.

Hal (off-panel): NO! NOOO!!!

Panel Six: A shot outside of the globe as Jeremy is walking away, his strength back. Behind him we see a clear view of Hal banging to get out, shouting but no sound is escaping.

Caption: Is that all you got, Revv?



Postby danova » Tue Jan 26, 2010 5:29 pm

I might just sketch you a picture of Tableau.
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Rain Partier

Postby Greg » Tue Jan 26, 2010 7:01 pm

danova wrote:I might just sketch you a picture of Tableau.

I'd love to see it! :D
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Rain Partier

Postby Greg » Sat Jan 30, 2010 5:44 pm

Jeremy Tableau and Addam

Page One

Panel One : We are starting up in the backyard of a large house during a nice and bright sunny day. There is a ton of acres all around, filled with a large water fountain with a statue of a giant serpent, beautiful gardens, animals. The spot where we’re looking at has candles in a circular pattern with stones surrounding the candles.

Panel Two: Same shot of the area as suddenly, a feet or so above the stones and candles is a portal opened up with a large black man in a black suit, opened shirt with no tie, holding a small boy, 9 years old, in his arms. They are leaping out of the portal with flames following them. Behind the flames is a dragon spitting at them. The boy is holding onto his father tightly while the father has a large smile upon his face. The boy is a young Jeremy Tableau with his father, Addam. Addam slightly resembles his son when he’s older but only bigger in mass and of course older.


Jeremy: AHHHH!!!


Panel Three : Same shot, only this time the portal has shut and the two have hit the ground, messing up the stones and candles. Jeremy has his head buried into Addam’s chest while Addam is having a great time.

Addam: Hahaha! Hooo, doggy!

Jeremy: Is it over? Is it over?

Addam: We’re alright, Jer. You can look now.

Panel Four : Close-up two-shot to Jeremy and Addam. Addam is looking at his son with a gushingly handsome smile on his face while Jeremy is looking at his father with large eyes of excitement. Addam has his towering large hand on Jeremy’s head.

Jeremy: Did you see that?! The dragon was about to eat us! When can we go again?!

Addam: Goodness, you truly are your father’s son, ain’t ya?

Panel Five: A wide-panel shot looking behind Addam and Jeremy. They are still on the ground but this time looking up and behind a man with a slightly similar build of Addam. He’s wearing a white suit in opposite of what Addam is wearing. We can’t see his front yet, just his back as he’s standing there, talking to Addam. This man’s name is Sammy.

Sammy: Addam.

Jeremy: Uncle Sammy!

Addam: Sammy! What’s going on?

Panel Six: A close-up of Sammy. He is Addam’s identical twin. He has a very serious look on his face. While he’s wearing the same type of suit as Addam but of an opposite color, he’s wearing it buttoned up with a tie in contrast to his brother.

Sammy: We’re needed. This is very dire, man.

Page Two

Panel One : Sammy and Addam are now standing face to face, speaking in a low tone to keep Jeremy from hearing. Jeremy is looking at the direction towards them, curious as to what is going on while he’s holding onto a black kitten.

Sammy: It’s the Leech and T’Spectra. I’ve just been informed that for the past few days they’ve been secretly in cohorts, sucking magick essense from the core of the city. Everyone from the Underunderworld are freakin’ out.

Addam: And what of the other heroes? Or the other members of the League of the 8 Seals?

Sammy: I’m afraid a lot of them are either busy or have failed…. [Note to letterer: make the next part a smaller font] They’ve killed Rosemary.

Addam: Shit.

Panel Two : Addam is now looking towards his son.

Addam: Of all days. I wanted to spend time with Jeremy. I was gonna take him to meet the mermaids. You know. The one who don’t wear seashells.

Sammy: Addam, this is no time for jokes.

Addam: I know. Let me just say good-bye.

Panel Three : Addam is knelt down in front of Jeremy who is still holding the black kitten in his arms. Addam, with both his hands on his son shoulders, is staring directly at his son who has his full attention. In the background is Sammy watching them.

Addam: Sorry to interrupt our day of kick-ass fun, son. But I’m needed. I’m gonna need you to stay here and wait for me. I’ll be back before you know it.

Jeremy: Can’t I come? I wanna come with you.

Addam: No, Jeremy. Not this time. Now give your pop a kiss and hug.

Panel Four : A shot of Jeremy’s face who looks very worried as he’s lovingly embracing his father.

Addam: That’s my boy.

Page Three

Panel One: A strong dramatic and intense looking wide-panel two shot of the Tableau brothers ready for action. They are in a messed up warehouse, wind blowing all over the place. They look really pissed and ready to fight.

Addam: Leech! T’Spectra! Stop this now!

Sammy: You’ve no idea what you’re doing!

Panel Two: A shot of the two villains. Leech is an much elder looking man with long gray hair and muscle mass. He’s wearing a type of warn out brown clothes with a long cape that’s flowing with the intense wind. He’s peering his head behind him to talk to T’Spectra. He has both of his arms up while a green glow is emerging from the floor to the ceiling, Leech sucking energy into himself. T’Spectra is an androgynous looking character with a light shade of purple skin. We’re not too sure what s/he is. S/he seems to have the body of a man but the features of a woman. S/he is wearing a gray and brown suit. I imagine this character to look a little bit like Gabriel played by Tilda Swinton from the Constantine movie. T’Spectra has a wand in his/her hand that has a bright spark at the tip.

T’Spectra: Oh, we know exactly what we’re doing. This city is going down the dumps and we’re going to be the cure. With the power of the magick essences of the Core, we will be unstoppable.

Leech: T’Spectra, if they interfere, all this will be for naught. Stop them.

T’Spectra: Just get it done. I got this.

Panel Three: For this whole panel, it’s just going to be an intense montage of the battle. I’ve noticed this is a technique Christopher Priest utilized in Black Panther and feel it’s very efficient in getting action scenes done without taking up too much of the comic that could be used to gather more info/development. So yes, in this montage we have T’Spectra hitting Sammy with a blast from his wand; Addam getting clubbed by T’Spectra’s elbow; Addam spearing T’Spectra while Sammy hits T’Spectra with a leaping knee to his face; T’Spectra knocking Sammy out with his wand, causing a large flash. Blood is splurging out of Sammy‘s mouth; Addam breaking T’Spectra’s arm while grabbing his wand.

Page Four

Panel One: A shot of Addam standing over T’Spectra. Addam has the wand over his head about to stab it down like a sword, the tip of the wand lit up about to send a blast at the same time.

Addam: You‘ve brought this on yourself.


Panel Two: Close-up of the panel as young Jeremy, sitting on the back of a black panther, is charging forward.

Jeremy: Go, Lebeur! Go!

Panel Three: Lebeur and Jeremy have just tackled into The Leech, knocking him to the ground who’s completely livid.

The Leech: NO!!! NO!! NOOOOOO!!!!

Panel Four: Shot of Addam looking off-panel, shocked at what he’s seeing.

Addam: Jeremy?!

Panel Five: A small shot of T’Spectra squinting his/her eyes, lighting up.

Panel Six: The wand has blown up, causing a large explosion knocking Addam back, blood splurging out of Addam‘s mouth.

Page Five

Panel One: Just a few seconds have past and Lebeur, still as a panther, is unconscious on the floor. In the background we can see Sammy’s body, still unconscious from T’Spectra’s wand from earlier. The Leech is angrily holding up Jeremy by his collar. Jeremy is completely terrified at this point, tears rolling down his face. T’Spectra is standing there, arms crossed, a new wand in his/her hand.

Leech: You’ve any idea what you’ve done, you mindless baboon?! You will surely pay for this.

T’Spectra: He’s Tableau’s son. I say we kill the little miscreant. Show the brothers that we mean business when we say we mean business.

Panel Two: Shot of Addam crawling with his arm out-reached and blood leaking down his mouth onto the ground. He looks completely weak.

Addam: No! Please. Don’t hurt the boy… I beg of you. Not my son. Take me instead.

Panel Three: Addam is now on his knees, arms out, preparing for his sacrifice.

Addam: Take me instead.

Panel Four: A shot from behind Addam as we see T’Spectra sending a blast from the wand and Leech with his free arm sucking green energy away from Addam. Jeremy is struggling like mad to free himself from The Leech’s clutch but to no avail.

Jeremy: Pops!! No!!!

Panel Five: Addam is on the floor, completely weak, blood leaking from his mouth, eyes, nose, and ears. He’s a complete wreck, his clothes completely ripped away from his body. Jeremy is by his side, tears pouring from his eyes and streaming down his face. Addam’s hand is cupped inside of Jeremy’s tiny hands. Addam is looking up at his son, dying.

Caption: Moments later…

Addam: Jeremy…stay home, I said… I told you to…

Jeremy: Dad… I’m sorry… Dad? Please…

Panel Six: A shot moving away from them, the room getting dimmer while Jeremy’s head is down, more tears falling out.
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Rain Partier

Postby Greg » Sat Mar 06, 2010 1:55 am

Tableau and The Dream-Weaver, Round 2

Page One

Panel One: We open up to a wide-panel shot of Jeremy Tableau. Handsome, early 20s black man with a sly smile as he’s tipping his hat down at us.

Caption: So let me just give you a quick rundown of what’s been my life recently. As you should know by now, I’m your ever loving and charming protagonist, Jeremy Tableau. I can tell you more about myself but that’ll pass the five page mark.

Panel Two: Now a shot of Dorme Revv, the Dream-Weaver. A black man, slim and slender with a long goatee reaching his torso. He has long, slicked-backed hair and a black clove cigarette in his mouth, the smoke emitting figures of deformed faces and skulls. His eyes are very intimidating and frightening. Clothes: a black suit jacket over a black t-shirt and black slacks. He also has a black cane with a skull on top of it.

Caption: This dick-less hater is Dorme Revv, a Dream-Weaver. An agent of sleep who can manipulate dreams. I’ve been on the top of his shit-list after I got caught banging his big-titty wielding hot wife. Note-to-self: after this is done, give her number to my brother…

Panel Three: Now a shot inside of Jeremy’s bedroom. I don’t know how much of the room we’ll be seeing in these shots, but just in case, the room is neatly kept. There’s a large amount of books on one side of the room and a TV set with movies across the bed. There are also a lot of different types of artifacts, such as African masks on the walls, statues and art pieces from different cultures. His walls are black and white, the color side-by-side from each wall. One wall is white, the next is black, and so on. Jeremy is lying flat and asleep, naked, in his bed which is covered with candles of all shapes and sizes and sand, forming all types of swirls and weird markings. On the side of the bed is Jai, Jeremy’s older brother. Compared to Jeremy, who himself is slim but toned, Jai is also toned but much more muscular. Think Michael Jai White. Jai’s eyes are completely wide and white as he’s sprinkling sand onto Jeremy’s body. The candles should be covering any form of nudity if censorship gets involved.

Caption: Speaking of, meet my big brother, Jai. Unlike me, he’s the prodigal son. He’s also helping me big time in finding a solution of getting out of this mess I’m currently entangled in.

Panel Four: Wide-panel shot of a giant throne room. We’re behind Jeremy, who’s now dressed in a white suit, as he’s looking up at a giant imposing man in a long deep blue gown filled with blinking stars. The man is Morpheus, the Greek God of Sleep. He has a very large mass and his face is covered with a long beard reaching his chest. All throughout the room are people of all shapes, sizes, races, and genders, some looking at Jeremy, some asleep or lying down, etc. The floor and furniture are nothing but clouds. Lying down at the foot of the throne is Selene, a beautiful young woman with long hair to the bottom of her back and a white, nearly transparent gown. She’s looking at Jeremy with delight upon her face.

Caption: Morpheus, Lord of Sleep.

Caption 2: Dream-Weavers happen to be just one unit of his sleep agency. Everyone you see here is in some form his child or related to him. They range from being a director or editor of your dream, to a stand in or extra walking by, to your worst nightmares or your wildest wet dream. Hmm… about that… just wait. Heh, you’ll see.

Panel Five: A shot of Jeremy looking pissed off and walking away while Morpheus is in the background, pointing his finger towards us.

Caption: Anywho, asking the King of Nocturnal Emissions for help with one of his spoiled sperm banks led to me storming off after rejection. But…

Page Two

Panel One: A shot now of Jeremy lying down on a field of grace and flowers. Jeremy is looking next to him at Selene with a smile on his face. Selene is on her stomach, looking back at him with a smile.

Jeremy: How…?

Selene: Apologies about my father. But there’s no way in hell I would have just let it end on that note.

Jeremy: And you are?

Selene: Ouch. That hurts, Jeremy Tableau. After all those great times together, every page of the Karma Sutra in the forest of Artemis, S&Ming in the secret dungeons of the Pyramid of Khufu…

Jeremy: Wait… you’re… aww man! That girl of my dreams? Seriously?

Selene: Literally. My name’s Selene. And quite frankly, you’re one of my favorite clients. Sadly, due to Dorme Revv’s vendetta, I haven’t been enjoying myself. And I miss being in your dreams. So I’m here to help you.

Jeremy: You own the cat to my tongue. I’m speechless.

Panel Two: Panel now of Selene handing Jeremy a brown sack.

Selene: This is sand from my father’s river. With this you can travel through dreams of anyone currently asleep. You can also alter and control them as if you were a Dream-Weaver. It acts through will power and imagination… which I know you use really damn well.

Selene 2: Here’s the bargain: you defeat Dorme Revv, we make up for lost time. Let’s say… a whole month?

Panel Three: A close-up shot of Jeremy, face lit up with a grin.

Jeremy: Express train to Dorme Revv, please!

Panel Four: Jeremy walking out of a ripped portal into a white void with the sack in one hand and the other hand taking some sand out. Jeremy is leering towards Revv, who’s at the edge of the panel looking at Jeremy approach.

Jeremy: Alright, walking limp dick. Round two.

Panel Five: Small panel of Dorme Revv with an amused look on his face.

Revv: You solemnly believe you have the balls to--

Panel Six: Small shot following the last one, Jeremy slapping Revv’s face with sand.


Page Three

Panel One: Wide-panel of Revv holding Jeremy by one leg, flinging him into a van causing a big dent. People of all shapes and sizes are around, staring in shock.

Caption: We fought through various dreams for what seem to feel like days in one dreamer’s mind…

Revv: I will smear these streets with your carcass!!!

Panel Two: Another wide-panel shot. This is in a 70s’ Blaxploitation setting. Both Jeremy and Revv are wearing much flashier versions of their suits, 70s’ style. They are also sporting some mean afros. There’s some lovely ladies in bikinis and afros also watching in horror. Revv is on his knees receiving a stiff kick from Jeremy’s foot.

Caption: And at times feeling like a year passed by…

Jeremy: You need to stop hating on the kool-aid, jive turkey!

Panel Three: They’re now in a Roman coliseum with Roman gear and helmets, a large crowd at the edge of their seats. Chained lions are attempting to attack Revv or Jeremy in case they get too close. Jeremy is kneeling back, covering himself with a metal shield while Revv is attacking from the air, striking down onto the shield with a spear in hand.

Caption: …Or simply going back in time…

Revv: Your head and cock will serve as trophies upon my mantle!!!

Panel Four: Wide-panel again, this time back in prehistoric time. Triceratops are roaming around, one looking at the two cave men versions of Jeremy and Revv going at it, Jeremy shoving Revv’s face into a large pile of dinosaur crap.

Jeremy: Revv-eat-dino-dung!!!

Panel Five: Jeremy, back in his white suit, is now in a black void, looking around not knowing where he is.

Caption: Where are we now?

Revv (off-panel): My, my… dear boy, Jeremy…

Panel Six: Panel right next to panel five, an extremely close-up of Jeremy is absolute fear and shock.

Caption: Oh no… Dear God, no!

Page Four

Panel One: A big shot of an extremely hideous and terrifying old man in ragged clothing with an evil grin across both sides of his face, some teeth missing and some hanging from the gum. Black blood is dripping from his mouth, leaking to his chin. He is leaned creepily forward as he has a gunnysack opened up wide on the floor, the old man holding onto the opening of it. This old man is Uncle Gunnysack, aka TonTon Macoute, a bogeyman originating from Haitian mythology. Inside of the giant bag we can see bloody limbs of little children.

Uncle Gunnysack: …You’ve been a naughty, naughty little boy. Climb on board for your present.

Caption: Uncle Gunnysack! There’s no way… wait a minute…

Caption: That bastard did not just pull my childhood fear on me! Oh…

Panel Two: Jeremy is blowing a handful of sand towards us.

Caption: …This surely means war.

Panel Three: We are now in the place where Jeremy and Revv first met back in one of the previous scripts. The ground is literally a floor of bones and skulls. The area is completely dry and a bit dull, mostly black and white, the skies being a black and gray vortex and the skulls and bones being the white. Revv is back in his regular attire, looking over his shoulder wondering where he is.

Revv: Where…?

Jeremy (off-panel): Oh, you don’t remember our first date, where I first laid eyes on you? For shame.

Jeremy (off-panel) 2: But I promise your ass you’ll remember this…

Panel Four: Close-up on Revv’s face, looking horrified.

Panel Five: A shot now of Dorme Revv’s wife on a bed, face in total pleasure as she’s sandwiched in between two naked Jeremy Tableaus. By her head is another Jeremy kneeling towards her, unzipping his pants. Surrounding the bed are more Jeremys, some naked and waiting for their turns, others removing their clothes. Just make sure that all the Jeremys we see have big smiles on their faces, the specific ones on the bed looking directly at us.

Page Five

Panel One: Revv is now weak on his knees, eyes rolling up as tears are falling out. Jeremy is behind him, choking him in a headlock and his other hand, filled with sand, phasing through Revv’s head. Blood is leaking from the spots of where the fingers are. Jeremy’s head is by Revv’s ears as he’s whispering to him.

Jeremy: There won’t be a next time, motherfucker…

Panel Two: Jeremy, with a tight grip, has pulled Dorme Revv’s brains out of his skull, bursting his head open, a gush of gore splurging out.

Panel Three: Jeremy, with a bloody and dripping hand, and Selene are looking down at the body of Dorme Revv, his head burst in blood. Jeremy is dripping more sand from the sack onto Revv’s body.

Jeremy: Is he dead?

Selene: His real body’s in a coma. But you’ll be left alone finally. What are you doing?

Jeremy: Making sure his last sight will forever be his reoccurring nightmare. I’ll be the man of his dreams.

Selene: Hmm. Speaking of… about our bargain…

Panel Four: A shot back in Jeremy’s bedroom as he’s lying asleep in bed, a smile upon his face. Jai is looking at him, a bit of a confused look on his face.

Panel Five: Now a shot of Jai looking at Jeremy’s crotch, which is covered to us by candles.

Jai: Heh. You little fucker.
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Postby Greg » Mon Apr 26, 2010 4:16 pm

Jeremy Tableau and the Loa of Cemeteries

Page One

Panel One: Wide panel shot. Dead at night with clear skies at a cemetery. Our protagonist, Jeremy Tableau, dressed in a white t-shirt and an opened up button down shirt with black slacks, is leaning against a tomb stone, arms crossed. He’s a young black man in his early twenties, handsome. Next to him is Sarah, a beautiful young white woman around the same age, blonde, dressed in a red shirt, black jacket and black pants. Behind them is a weird looking gray smoke, flowing around.

Caption: My name’s Jeremy Tableau and next to me is one of my best friends, Sarah. Needless to say, we both lead a rather strange… and interesting life.

Caption 2: And basing on who summoned us tonight at two o’clock in the freakin’ morning, tonight is going to be no different.

Sarah: I wonder what’s taking him. He’s usually poignant.

Panel Two: A shot now of Jeremy and Sarah jumping back as the form has taken shape to a disturbing looking figure, his head looking up into the air. This is Baron Cimetier, the Vodou Ghede Loa of Cemeteries, a spirit of the Dead. He is very skinny, so much so that it’s disturbing, nearly resembling a skeleton with fully white eyes. He has wild nappy hair and is only wearing dirty, rundown pants that are being held up around his bony waist by a dead snake. In one of his hands is a staff made of out a human’s spine.

Cimetier: How’s this for poignant?

Caption: Let me introduce you to Baron Cimetier. A Lord of the Dead. Loa of Cemeteries. The son of Baron Samedi. To the point: Not someone to fuck with.

Panel Three: A shot behind Jeremy, looking towards Cimetier. Sarah should still be in this shot.

Jeremy: Jeez! Give a brother a fucking heart attack, why don’t you?

Cimetier: Sorry. I couldn’t resist.

Jeremy: Well, you mind telling us why we’re here? You disturbed a great dream I was having.

Cimetier: I know. I apologize. But I need of both your assistance. And you two still owe me for the excessive lengths I had to cross.

Sarah: For that, Baron, I thank you. I’m in your debt.

Panel Four: Shot just looking at Cimetier.

Caption: A few years ago, Sarah had found herself at a terrible crossroad when she decided to take her life. She was dealing with a lot of B.S. and was an emotional wreck. Taking advantage of her weakened mentality, The Suicide King whispered into her ear and gave her that push to take her life. Her bloodline being a source of great magick, he attempted to gain power from her soul.

Caption 2: Cimetier was who helped me cross into the crossroads to save Sarah’s soul and bring her back to life. It has caused great trouble for Cimetier who went out of his way against his family to save Sarah. And believe me when I say that’s a big thing.

Cimetier: Someone has been disturbing the dead throughout the city… body snatching. The bodies have been specific persons, all communities of the Underunderworld, powerful and important mages. Not only are their graves being disturbed, but also their spirits. Their spirits are somehow being deeply affected, disappearing from the Realm of the Dead. As you can guess, my parents aren’t too happy. Since it is my cemeteries, they are confiding in me to solve this hindrance. One of the bodies is from Sarah’s bloodline.

Page Two

Panel One: Shot of Jeremy and Sarah.

Jeremy: I don’t get it. You have full power of the cemeteries, don’t you? Why can’t you catch this guy in the act?

Sarah: I’m guessing he’s protected by some very heavy duty incantations. So heavy that he’s protected like that from the sight of a Loa.

Panel Two: Focus on all three this time, Jeremy having his hand on Cimetier’s shoulder.

Cimetier: That appears to be the case, Sarah. I’ll allow our debt to be fulfilled if you’d accept this plea.

Jeremy: Dude, drop the whole indebted act. We’re friends. Especially after all you’ve done for us. We have your back.

Cimetier: My apologies. Thank you… friends. I am also bounded to my cemeteries. I am anchored here though I can surface where my chattels are scattered. I hope that is of any help to you.

Panel Three: Shot of Jeremy, a sly smile upon his face.

Jeremy: I have a plan. Can we sneak into your window?

Panel Four: We’re now at Cimetier’s lair, a dark realm with skulls on the walls and skeletons of pet animals walking around. In the middle is a large cauldron, bony skeleton-like hands reaching out as Sarah , Jeremy, and Cimetier are standing around it, looking down at it.

Sarah: That is freakin’ freaky.

Jeremy: Yep, that’s another heart attack.

Cimetier: I forget you live folks find disturbance in my bliss’s.

Sarah: So what are we doing, Jere?

Panel Five: We’re now behind them as we’re looking inside of the gigantic cauldron, where we’re seeing souls of people bundled up as if they were all fighting to emerge out of the cauldron.

Jeremy: Well, whoever this snatcher is is protecting himself even from Cimetier’s or his pop’s radar, right? So I’m assuming whenever this guy had his protection done, he disappeared off the side of the Earth. But his spirit is not in the Realm of the Dead. Maybe we can track this dude down by simply elimination everyone who has quote-on-quote died, but has not appeared in this realm.

Page Three

Panel One: Looking up at the three as if we were in the cauldron ourselves, seeing them peer down at us. Cimetier’s eyes are glowing as his hand is placed above us.

Cimetier: It is done. While the number of suspects has reduced greatly, there is still a grand quantity to sort through.

Sarah: Maybe I can help. You say one of the bodies is a member of my bloodline, right? I can use my abilities to read through your soup, see if I can pick up any readings.

Panel Three: We’re looking just at Sarah, her hand stretched forward while her eyes are completely white.

Caption: Sarah’s a reader. And she’s very damn good at it. She can read and get auras and feeds from pretty much anything and decipher it for information. Her abilities has come in handy quite a number of times. She’s taught me a few things, but I still can’t quite get the hang of it.

Sarah: Got him… Drake Alvarez.

Panel Four: A wide panel shot of a white haired man dressed only in underwear, his body heavily tattooed on the left panel and to the right is a Frankenstein looking figure, limbs obviously pieced together, and stitches all over the body. Some of the limbs are of different color/races. The Frankenstein body is also very heavily tattooed. They are both leaned against a slab, wires tacked all over both their bodies. This is Drake Alvarez, our mad scientist. Both of their eyes are closed.

Caption: Alvarez is known around the Underunderworld for his extreme knowledge of magic and science. He’s found ways to blend both worlds and his reputation is a series of admiration. Despite his accomplishments, he’s a bona-fide mad scientist. Word has it that he even killed his father, his mentor, and pieced both their brains together through magic and science to gain both of their knowledge.

Panel Five: Close up on the Frankenstein-like figure, his eyes opened.

Caption: What I say before about leading an interesting life?

Page Four

Panel One: A shot of Alvarez, now in his Frankenstein-like body, looking down at his hands, both glowing two different colors. He has a diabolical smile upon his face.

Alvarez: Success! Haha! Now with the power of some of the most powerful mages, I will be unstoppable! First this city and then the world!

Jeremy (off-panel): Oh, for fuck’s sake, how cliché can you get?

Panel Two: Shot at Jeremy, leaning against a table, his arms crossed with a sly smile on his face. Alvarez has turned to look at this trespasser.

Alvarez: Who- How did you get in here?!

Jeremy: Oh, I have my ways. I have my ways. And since we’re speaking in cliché-speak: My name is Jeremy Tableau, known notoriously as the Black Sheep, son of Addam Tableau of the Tableau Brothers. Remember my name for I am the harbinger of your doom. How’d I do?

Panel Three: A shot looking up at a heavily bloodied and bruised Jeremy as he’s attempting to crawl up from the floor, covered in glass while Alvarez is behind him about a stomp his feet down at him. Jeremy has a piece of glass in his hand.

Caption: Okay, a few moments later, clearly not one of my better showings…

Alvarez: You are nothing but an annoying pest. Soon to be a bothersome bee under my feet. I have the body parts of some of the greatest mages to have lived in this city. Through my sciences, I can tap into their magick essences even from beyond their grave, into their souls. And I am protected by incantations of my own design, tattooed by Monks of the Unknown. No enchantment can harm me, especially your feeble dog stained magic.

Caption 2: The good thing with clichéd diabolical mad scientist: they seem to always provide you information of their defeat.

Panel Four: Jeremy has turned around to throw the broken glass toward Alvarez. Show a line pathway of the knife being flung from Jeremy’s hand onto Alvarez’s arm, cutting it. Alvarez is still looking down at Jeremy, feeling no pain and unaffected by the scarring.

Jeremy: Your tattoos are your protection, huh?

Alvarez: Have you not listened to a word I said?

Panel Five: Shot now looking down at Jeremy, a smile on his bruised face as he’s throwing a batch of dirt from his hands.

Jeremy: Yep. And I stung you like a bee.

Page Five:

Panel One: A small close up on Alvarez, dirt on his face. He is not amused.

Alvarez: Dirt?

Panel Two: Back to a smiling Jeremy, another smaller close-up.

Jeremy: Fresh outta the cemetery.

Panel Three: Alvarez is looking behind him in shock as Cimetier has now appeared behind him as a giant and terrifying figure.

Cimetier: You’ve stolen property that belongs to me.

Panel Four: A huge panel of a bunch of bony arms pulling all the limbs and body parts apart, causing a gush of blood to spurt everywhere.

Panel Five: A shot now of Jeremy and Cimetier both looking down at the bloody mess before them.

Jeremy: I’m sure I speak for Alvarez when I say: ouch.

Cimetier: Thank you, Jeremy. Sarah has decided to stay with me to help place a few more barriers and traps. Now, Jeremy, with the both of us here privately to ourselves, I do have a message to deliver as both Loa of the Dead… and a friend.

Jeremy: What’s up?

Panel Six: A close-up on Jeremy’s face, his eyes wide in shock.

Cimetier (off-panel): Your father wishes to see you.
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Postby ZombieRed » Tue May 25, 2010 4:16 pm

Sorry I checked these out so late. I've just been busy. I'm impressed with the new stories a lot. I like how you have imaginative ideas/characters and provide the essential details but you still give enough room for an artist to exercise their creativity in terms of designs.

Also I like your use of mythology. It could just be because I don't know a lot about Voodoo religion but it's still interesting nonetheless.
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Rain Partier

Postby Greg » Sat May 29, 2010 2:03 pm

ZombieRed wrote:Sorry I checked these out so late. I've just been busy. I'm impressed with the new stories a lot. I like how you have imaginative ideas/characters and provide the essential details but you still give enough room for an artist to exercise their creativity in terms of designs.

Also I like your use of mythology. It could just be because I don't know a lot about Voodoo religion but it's still interesting nonetheless.

Thank you very much, Red! I really appreciate you checking out these stories. I don't really get people here reading them even though one script only takes about 5 minutes to read, so thanks for taking the time to go through them. I have a ton of fun coming up with these scripts and building the world he inhabitants.

And thanks for the nod bout the mythology bit. I've been reading up and interested in many characters of African-based mythology, from West African tales to Caribbean to African-American trickster characters. I hope to incorporate some of those elements into my stories and hopefully even more mythology characters. I found a way to put Morpheus, the Greek God of Sleep, in one script. I have some other ideas of maybe even including Apollo in some shape. Finding ways to incorporate my favorite mythology figures with my own modern character is a ton of fun. :D

I just wish I could get an artist. :(
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Postby Greg » Fri Jun 18, 2010 4:17 pm

Recap: Jeremy Tableau is known as the Blacksheep of the Tableau family. He inhabits a world of magic and mischief. He is the son of Addam Tableau, former and now deceased hero of the Underunderworld, who's passing has made Jeremy guilty due to accidentally causing his death.

Seeking help in defeating a personal enemy, Jeremy meets Selene, the daughter of Morpheus, the God of Sleep and literally the girl of his dreams and they have been enjoying each other's company in the Dream World ever since.

Recently, Baron Cimetier, the son of Vodou Loa Papa Samedi, the Lord of the Dead has informed Jeremy that Addam, Jeremy's deceased father, wishes to see him...

#8: Jeremy Tableau and Coin of Cunningham

Page One

Panel One: We open up in this story to a mid-shot of a white elderly woman with long flowing hair. She is very old and frail as if she’s on the verge of breaking up into pieces and dying. She is sitting down on a chair inside of a darkly lit room, light source being a few burning candles and the moonlight that’s peering outside of the bedroom window.

Caption: Mistress Cleo Velma was a treasure seeker and a former enemy of my father, Addam Tableau. They battled many times but it seems that her treasure seeking would be her downfall.

Cleo: Addam? Addam Tableau?

Panel Two: Profile two-shot of Jeremy Tableau sitting in front of Cleo, leaning towards her. He is a black, handsome young man of early twenties dressed in a blue button down shirt that’s tucked into black slacks.

Jeremy: No, my name is Jeremy. Addam’s son. I’m here about the missing coin of the Cunningham Treasure.

Cleo: Oh, Addam. Even after all these years of fighting, you find it in your heart to visit an ol’ and dilapidated hag like me. Bless you.

Caption: Greeeeaaat. She’s senile. This is sure to be fun. That’s sarcasm, by the way.

Panel Three: Close-up on Cleo who’s face is looking down, tearing falling down from her frail and grey eyes.

Caption: I mention the Cunningham treasure piece a few more times, slowly, before it finally clicks in her memory wavering head.

Cleo: The Coin of Cunningham. It’s evil… torture… it’s not a gift of immortality… it’s a curse. A wretched, vile, corruption…corrupted…why, God? Addam… please help me? Help me, please?

Panel Four: A close-up on Jeremy, sympathy in his eyes.

Caption: I feel sorry for the poor gal. See, the Coin of Cunningham gave her immortality, but the spirit of Cunningham is a cruel trickster. While she is immortal, she receives all the pains and agony of old age, dying from every disease known to man… only to be resurrected to live again.

Panel Five: A tighter profile two-shot as Jeremy has his hands upon Cleo’s face, his fingers covering her eyes. He also has his eyes closed.

Jeremy: Selene, we’re ready.

Page Two

Panel One: A large pirate ship is sailing through the ocean, the sun large and bright. On the ship is only Jeremy and Cleo.

Caption: Cleo was once a pirate. Yep, she’s that old. She had the whole ship, crew, parrot, the works. All she was missing was the eye patch and the wooden leg.

Panel Two: Two-shot of Cleo and Jeremy standing side-by-side at the head of the ship. Jeremy is wearing an opened up t-shirt while Cleo is much younger, appearing as a woman in her 50s. She is fairly attractive and has long brown hair that is tied up in a braid. She is wearing a typical female pirate attire.

Caption: Since Celeste, the daughter of Morpheus, the Lord of Sleep and Dreams, and I have been… enjoying each other’s company, I’ve been able to ask of her assistance in this mission.

Caption 2: Hopefully in bringing Cleo to her comfort zone, I can give her peace. And it feels like it’s been a month. <Sigh> Why am I doing this again?

Panel Three: A panel of strange sea creatures/human hybrids all aboard the ship, attacking Cleo and Jeremy. There’s a handful of them as Jeremy and Cleo are holding their own against them, Jeremy with a sword in his hand, slicing away while Cleo is shooting one leaping over her with a pistol in her hand while blasting another enemy with a beam from her other hand.

Caption: Of course we did share some awesome action. What’s a pirate story without some adventure, huh?

Panel Four: Now a panel of a giant Kraken at the side of the ship, cannons blazing as it’s being hit while Jeremy has thrown a spear towards it, Cleo shooting at it.

Caption: Hell, we fought a freakin’ Kraken!

Panel Five: It’s now night time and both Cleo and Jeremy are sitting in front of a fire while they’re drunk from large bottles of rum in their hands as they’re holding each other and singing drunkenly with large smiles on their faces.

Caption: Yeeaaah… let me not get into that one.

Page Three

Panel One: Jeremy and Cleo have now reached the island. The ship is anchored with the two are on a row book, making their way to shore. Jeremy is rowing while Cleo is sitting in front of him, her back turned to him as she’s staring ahead.

Cleo: … He was a great man, your father. We were just rivals, initially. Until I grew bitter. I had put him through a lot of hell.

Jeremy: So… have you two ever…?

Cleo: Oh no. No, no. I know your father has a reputation, especially concerning his female enemies. But we weren’t like that.

Jeremy: Oh.

Cleo: He loved you and your brother. And he adored your mother. Life is much too complex for people of our ilk. You of all people should know that. Enough with the self-guilt. He’ll forgive you. Trust me.

Panel Two: Jeremy and Cleo are getting out of the boat as they’ve reached the island. Jeremy is holding Cleo’s hand as she’s stepping off herself and looking down at her feet exiting. Jeremy is looking up ahead, towards the island.

Jeremy: So the plan…

Cleo: Get to the cave, open up the chest of the treasure, drop the coin, and return home.

Jeremy: Okay, so where do these guys come in?

Panel Three: We’re now looking behind Jeremy and Cleo as before them now stands a pack of walking skeletons, most of them with swords in their hands ready to attack.

Cleo: You didn’t think it’d be that easy, did you?

Jeremy: Actually, not at all.

Cleo: Ready? Take my gun.

Panel Four: A panel now of Jeremy and Cleo going all out as they’re fighting the horde of skeletons. Jeremy is blasting shots all over the place, as skeletons have lost their limbs and are being taken down. Cleo, while running towards the opening of the cave is shooting beams from her hands.

Cleo: Jeremy! Head for the cave! I’ll create a shield to hold them back!

Panel Five: They are now deep in the cave. Around them surrounds a huge display of riches. Cleo has found the treasure chest and is kneeled in front of it. It is opened, revealing a bunch of golden coins of various sizes. Jeremy is standing a few feet behind her, pistol still in hand.

Caption: Moments later and holy ka-joley moley!

Jeremy: What’s wrong? Where’s the coin? Put it in already so we can bounce.

Cleo: I… I can’t.

Jeremy: Why not?

Cleo: It’s… in me.

Jeremy: …Come again?

Panel Six: Cleo, tears in her eyes, is now pulling Jeremy’s collar towards her, shouting at him. Jeremy is looking at her rather shock from this sudden shift of emotion.

Cleo: It’s it me, dammit! In order for my abilities to work, I have to consume the source! I can’t finish it. It’s a lost cause!

Page Four

Panel One: A close-up on Cleo, her teary eyes wide in shock.


Panel Two: A shot now of the treasure chest being splattered with a large gush of blood.

Panel Three: Cleo is looking up at Jeremy, weakened and about to die. She has a slight smile on her face.

Cleo: Bless you… thank you… Addam…

Panel Four: We’re back to elder Cleo’s room in a profile shot. Jeremy is sitting now across a pile of ash and dust that has now replaced Cleo, jewels and treasure scattered along with them. At the top of the pile is a golden coin the size of a half-dollar coin. Jeremy is about to pick it up.

Caption: “So here it is…”

Panel Five: It is night time at the cemetery, and Jeremy is handing the coin of Cunningham over to Baron Cimetier, the Vodou Ghede Loa of Cemeteries, a spirit of the Dead. He is very skinny, so much so that it’s disturbing, nearly resembling a skeleton with fully white eyes. He has wild nappy hair and is only wearing dirty, rundown pants that are being held up around his bony waist by a dead snake. In one of his hands is a staff made of out a human’s spine. With his opposite hand, he is taking the coin away.

Jeremy: …The Coin of Cunningham.

Cimetier: Thank you, Jeremy. The soul of Mistress Cleo Velma will be in peace.

Jeremy: And the coin…?

Cimetier: Taken to your father. He’ll be proud to know you played a part in achieving the Cunningham Coin for him. It’s essential in his current battle, protecting the barrier between the corrupted souls of the undead and your world.

Page Five

Panel One: Two-shot of Jeremy and Cimetier. Jeremy is still looking down, Cimeteir is looking at his friend.

Jeremy: Actually… do me a favor and not tell him about me.

Cimetier: I assumed you were to come with me to see him.

Jeremy: I… can’t. I’m not ready to see him. Not yet.

Cimetier: I will relay the message.

Panel Two: Same shot of Jeremy looking at Cimetier, intensely and about to rush to him while Cimetier has disappeared into a cloud of smoke.

Jeremy: No, Cimetier! Dammit!

Caption: You know what? Screw it. Whatever. Least I got Selene to get things off my mind. Loa bless Celeste.

Panel Three: Jeremy is now in the dream world in a big white void. He’s walking towards Selene, a beautiful young white woman with long hair to the bottom of her back and a white, nearly transparent gown who’s standing at the edge of the panel, smiling as she’s looking ahead.

Jeremy: Hello, baby. Did you miss me?

Selene: Oh, baby! I’m so glad you’re here!

Panel Four: A mid shot on Selene who’s now turned around to look at Jeremy, her belly swollen as if she were nine months pregnant.

Selene: We’re having a baby!

Panel Five: Tight close-up on Jeremy, his face filled with complete shock.
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Postby spidertour02 » Tue Jul 06, 2010 4:37 pm

I don't know if I got him "right," but this was fun to draw. Enjoy! :D

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Postby Greg » Tue Jul 06, 2010 4:39 pm

HOOOOLY SHIT!!!! :shock: :shock: :shock:

HAHA! My dude, that fuckin rocks! :-D :-D


This just made my day!
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rubber spoon

Postby spidertour02 » Tue Jul 06, 2010 4:42 pm

Greg wrote:HOOOOLY SHIT!!!! :shock: :shock: :shock:

HAHA! My dude, that fuckin rocks! :-D :-D


This just made my day!

I wasn't going to do it until I finished the practice pages I've been working on, but I felt bad for keeping you waiting so long. I'm glad you like it! :smt023

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