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Postby xaraan » Wed Sep 02, 2009 3:16 pm

I've uploaded a bunch of computer wallpapers into a section on my deviant art account. (DeviantArt is a good place to look for wallpaper if interested) Most are sized for 1680x1050 but can probably be cropped or stretched for other sized fairly easily since most are not built to have to fit that size.

The pics vary and I'll add to them as time goes on. Some of from my photography, some are just cool pictures of famous people I liked or artwork I liked.

I've done some work to almost all the photos though, even the famous people. Minor stuff, but clean up work that I think help make the photo work better for something like a desktop.

Anyways, check them out and help yourself to something if you like it.

examples (dont worry, corners aren't curved on actual pics):




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