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How To Start the Dragonborn DLC

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Postby LOLtron » Tue Dec 04, 2012 1:35 am

How To Start the Dragonborn DLC

So, you're on XBox and ready to jump into the new DLC in a few hours? Here's how it pulls you in.

Source: Youtube


   We posted earlier today that Bethesda announced the DLC would be coming to PC and yes... even to PS3 this time "early next year", so probably 30-ish days after tomorrow.  So if you are an xbox player and ready to get straight to the new stuff, the video above shows you something we discussed in our Dragonborn DLC Leak article:

Cultists of Miraak are searching for the false dragonborn (you), and when they find you they attempt to kill you.  Assuming you kill them first, you find a note on them that tells you what they are doing and where they came from.  You find their boat docked at Windhelm and proceed to Solstheim.



   In additional news about things coming out that we already covered in the leak, the official list of Achievements from the DLC is out and it's a match for the list we posted last week.  Here's the image floating around out there if you can't wait a few hours to see it.


   We'll be diving into the DLC tomorrow and offering an extended review hopefully by Monday, Since we've already had a decent chunk of (what seems to be fairly accurate) information, I didn't see a need to rush through to write up the same stuff.  Those that want more info before making the purchase on PC or PS3, or even waiting on XBox, stay tuned.

Written or Contributed by xaraan


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