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Rain Partier

Postby HNutz » Sun Dec 04, 2016 5:20 pm

(Since I can't seem to PM him...)

Jack, wanna join us for the next draft? I think you might like it. 8)
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Jack Charlemagne

rubber spoon

Postby Jack Charlemagne » Sun Dec 04, 2016 5:27 pm

HNutz wrote:(Since I can't seem to PM him...)

Jack, wanna join us for the next draft? I think you might like it. 8)

Keeping in mind that I just murdered two dozen Marvel characters,


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Staff Writer

Postby IvCNuB4 » Sun Dec 04, 2016 10:25 pm

HNutz wrote:(Since I can't seem to PM him...)

Did he block you? :lol:
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Jack Charlemagne

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Postby Jack Charlemagne » Sun Dec 04, 2016 10:46 pm

IvCNuB4 wrote:

Did he block you? :lol:

Naw, I tend to keep my DMs shut off to keep Darth from sending me dirty pictures of his neighbors.

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Staff Writer

Postby IvCNuB4 » Mon Dec 05, 2016 12:22 am

Yeah, "his neighbors". :twisted:
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Rebirth NoctourneM

Rain Partier

Postby Rebirth NoctourneM » Mon Dec 05, 2016 12:31 pm

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Jack Charlemagne

rubber spoon

Postby Jack Charlemagne » Wed Dec 07, 2016 2:08 pm

Moving this from here:


because it would also work as a maxi-series or interconnected minis.

Part one would feature Doom's IV, with Grimm, Burn, Brick and Slyder arriving in modern-day Anaheim, California from around 100 years in the future. Maintaining as low a profile as possible, they make their way to Alcatraz island to free the one man imprisoned there: Battlestone, the disgraced original field leader of the federal government's Youngblood program. They need his help in preventing the global catastrophe that is about to occur. They need him to help bury Cross, the current director of Youngblood and arguably the most powerful man on the planet. They need him to start World War Three. To make matters even more complicated, the man known only as Chapel was waiting in Anaheim for their time-jump, fulfilling post-dated orders from Cross himself. And nobody ever lives to tell the tale of meeting Chapel. Right? But where are his guns?

Part two would feature Chapel, an urban legend whose actual identity and whereabouts are so top secret that even the American Presidents remain wholly oblivious. Taking his orders directly from the highest echelon of the deep state, he has single-handedly claimed more lives over his thirty-plus years of service than any soldier in United States history (including the one who issued the order to drop the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki). Until the day he met a strange woman named Infiniti. She and her robot escort Enigma had been on the FBI's most wanted list for several years, and were believed to be responsible for the larger cyber-hacks of the past decade. Ordered to nullify with extreme prejudice, locating them proves easy for a man of his resources, but hearing her reasoning will prove more difficult to process. With Infiniti now at his side, he assassinates Gloriana and Lady Suprema, lesbian lovers and field leaders for the two current Youngblood divisions, and he's only getting started. America's greatest unsung hero is about to willingly become its executioner.

Part three would feature Cross, who had first appeared from nowhere in the mid-1990s, trading futuristic technological secrets for power and influence within the American government. Advance knowledge of natural disasters especially enabled certain politicians to benefit tremendously, and Cross was rewarded measure for measure. After the unsolved murder of Youngblood member Riptide in 1997 triggered a civil war between Youngblood and Battlestone's independent Brigade team, resulting in the deaths of the majority of the combatants and the destruction of a mighty large chunk of Washington DC, Cross arose to fill the leadership void and take the reins of the Youngblood program directly, guiding it into a brave new era of joint United States and United Nations sponsorship. With ministers of defense around the globe now answering to him, he is today drunk on power, covertly manufacturing international wars to undo his own history while publicly praised for rescuing the planet from the evils of extremists. But Cross has been silently dreading when his son Grimm finally comes to kill him in 2017.

Part four would feature the President of the United States of America, Jack-A-Dandy. The most popular President in the nation's colorful history, he owes much to the alliance shared with the mysterious Cross, which began with the tip off on where to locate the last secret weapon of the Nazis, a cryogenicly frozen time-bomb in human form called Prophet, whose capture allowed the notorious Jack-A-Dandy to redeem his family name in the eyes of the public, after his grandfather's criminal exploits of the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. Slowly building upon this newfound esteem and popularity, he is now in his third term in the White House, thanks again to the machinations of Cross. This is precisely why he long ago clandestinely set his own twin sister Infiniti to the task of destroying everything Cross is fighting to accomplish, because alliances are so faux de mieux, and pure, unadulterated chaos is what makes the true gentleman's blood rise.

Part five would be about Battlestone. co-founder of the Youngblood program, he eventually left after seeing so many conspiracy theories proven true. He formed and led a new team, Brigade, for the express purposes of stealing Youngblood's thunder and dealing with the many problems Youngblood openly ignored. Until one of his teammates proved herself to be a journalist with ulterior motives, leaking sensitive information which enabled the murder of Riptide, and inadvertently led to the eventual desolation of Brigade and Youngblood both. One of the sole survivors of the battle that leveled half of DC, Battlestone was apprehended and sentenced to life in Alcatraz, reopened and reformatted with futuristic tech provided by Cross to guarantee that Battlestone's estimated 300-year endurance will never see the light of day again. Chapel allowed his escape, but after the government-sanctioned cyborg monstrosity "army of one" called DIEHARD SUPER-PATRIOT SUPREME crushes (and devours) all of his new allies in Doom's IV except Grimm, Battlestone elects to form a new, final team, taking the name Youngblood back to serve its original purpose: saving America from itself.
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Jack Charlemagne

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Postby Jack Charlemagne » Mon Nov 13, 2017 12:16 pm

In a tenement building in DC, a 4-story brownstone that had been part of a textile plant 70-plus years ago, a drama unfolds.

The super lives in 1A, but he spends a lot of time on the roof, daydreaming about soaring above his joke of a life. He had been a big deal when he was younger, track star in high school, starting quarterback and a few votes shy of prom king. He majored in communications in college and interned for a city councilman's office his last two summers of school. One night at a banquet he had saved the life of the New Jersey governor, bumping him out of the way of a drunk's bullet. The media loved the tale, especially after learning he had been an orphan, and he quickly became a local star. Three years later he was the youngest state senator in New York history. He served multiple terms, but a near-death experience rocked him out of place. He began to feel more and more like an alien, finding it increasingly difficult to relate to or connect with other people. Now, achingly somewhere past middle age, Clark is the landlord of a building further past its prime than he is. Realizing he'd been a building superintendent longer than he'd been a senator, longer than he'd been important, he realizes a taste for the bottle.

In 1B is a female vet. She served two tours in Afghanistan and one in Iraq, but then the army realized that a female corporal caught sleeping with a female colonel was bad press. She's in the national guard now, a real officer every weekend. The rest of the week she works as a cleaning lady at one of the many museums in the nation's capital. Her family had always wanted her to be a teacher, but failing to pursue that she no longer has any family in her life, not for many years. All her life she just wanted to fight, but apparently women can only do that on television. Blaming them for her loneliness, Diana hates this world of men.

In 2A is a speed-freak. Crank, crystal meth, "go fast". He had tried them all and he had loved it all and he'd been in and out of jail for possession many times, but more often he managed to slip away from the real trouble. He had the bad habit of running away from everything in his life actually. He was notorious for getting lost, disappearing once for years even. He always had a place here though, in this rat-infested hell-hole of a city that housed his apartment. He always had a place here because everybody liked Barry, even if he was just another shifty, junkie coke-head who the cops all knew too well.

In 2B was a cabbie. Sometimes he worked as a driving instructor for the community center, and sometimes he worked as a mechanic for a local news channel's helicopter "eye in the sky" team. He had a lot of jobs in his time because he had really awful luck with women. There's even gossip that his syphilis got so bad that his nethers had turned green years ago. But most of the while Hal drives his cab, always meeting new people and taking them to new places, being too willful for any actual routine.

In 3A lives an older guy from one of those tiny nations that doesn't exist anymore. He stays to himself more so than his neighbors, doped up on a variety of meds over apparent schizophrenia and manic-depression. He had spent a lot of time in hospitals over constant identity crises, split personalities and all. He'd been homeless, too. But he had lived in this old tenement longer than anyone else, and in spite of all the storming in his head John somehow managed to avoid ever being the center of attention.

In 3B is a bleach-blond man who drives the truck for a swimming pool installation company. He had tried repeatedly to run for mayor of DC under his own political party, to the extent that those who'd heard of him thought he was a joke. He's the type to write countless letters to the editors of the local newspapers, ranting all high and mighty about how he'd run this and that better. Nobody takes him seriously. But he coaches at the YMCA each summertime, teaching anyone who wants it to learn to swim. He's been crazy about Diana for all the years he's lived in the building. But Arthur has just never been good at discerning the ebb and flow of life, almost as though he exists in murkiness leagues away from the life he feels he was born for. Like a fish out of water.

In the basement is a guy who creeps out everyone. Though he could get a deal on rent for swinging handyman work for the building as needed, he actually owns the place, inheriting it from his parents. He was orphaned as a kid as well, so Clark always felt bad for him, but even Clark can't accept the thoroughly excessive eyeliner and almost nightly noise complaints coming from downstairs. Bruce was into some truly freaky shit, always with new cuts and bruises. He had an embarrassingly long line of teenage boys apprenticing under him, supposedly learning electrical and plumbing work. But none of the boys seemed to stick around very long. If his neighbors were to be told that he was a serial killer, half of them wouldn't be surprised. He's not though, but he is a scary guy nonetheless, always brooding and sulking.

Infighting among the DC establishment has resulted in a manufactured virus curated by one of the many agencies of the intelligence community being let loose among the populace. It was supposed to only kill maybe a hundred or so, with foreign powers to then be held responsible for regional political gains. But the virus, called Darkseid, quickly grew out of hand, transforming all of the District of Columbia into a Dawn of the Dead remake inside of a weekend. The public, including the residents of the 1938 Wheeler-Nicholson building at the corner of Siegel and Shuster, know nothing of the origins of this. They only know that suddenly life has stopped, the dead won't stay dead and the end is definitely near. Trapped inside their home, forced at long last to know each other in what well may be their final hours, these 7 strangers have only begun to suffer the worst event of their lives.
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Jack Charlemagne

rubber spoon

Postby Jack Charlemagne » Thu Nov 23, 2017 11:22 pm

This was something I started awhile back in the RCT, and just found the finished bit on a thumbdrive during a mad quest to find something else altogether in my evidently way too fucking many thumbdrives. Putting it here lets me delete it there. Considering how the JL movie rubbed me and some others the wrong way, I think this shows how I would want to see a franchise that appears even more fucked, in film and comics, to stay true to its past while repackaging itself for today. I suspect there's folks here who would really like it even if it is basically fanfic. For those who need a distraction from the rubble of turkey day you are so welcome.

[Reveal] Spoiler: Click to Expand
Quick reboot (4.0 if we include Corman's). No origin story, jump in with the team around for several years already, internationally renown. Have it set in the 1960s though. Franklin is a toddler, to help push the family feel which every previous version inadequately conveyed.

Reed- Tate Ellington
Sue- Lauren Cohan
Ben- David Lyons
Johnny- Augustus Prew

Victor Von Doom- Sharlto Copley

Namor- Daniel Dae Kim

Mole Man- Forest Whitaker

story by me below
screenplay by Darin Morgan
directed by Roman Coppola

I read a quote somewhere about how Muhammad Ali's anti-war stance confounded governmental figures, because they could not chalk him up as a dirty hippy, and his being a boxer meant he wasn't a coward. That is the tone I'd want for a Fantastic Four reboot. I'd set the first movie in the late 1960s, with Reed, Sue and Ben in their mid to late 30s and Johnny in his late 20s. In the original comics, Reed and Ben (and J. Jonah Jameson for that matter) were WW2 vets, but I think being Korean War vets would suit my timeline better. The film would open without an origin story, but with the team having been in action for maybe 5 or 6 years, since the early 60s. They'd be celebrities in a way, for being all-round do-gooders, and also Reed's inventions (and the profit from some of the patents) would afford them renown and financing to a happy degree. The Baxter Building would be their property, with lower floors rented out to whatever offices (just like in the old comics).

They would also achieve some notoriety for refusing to use their powers in Vietnam. I could imagine at some point a press conference with Reed going on about how they formed the group for the betterment of all people, and not to serve as political weapons, and how they fight to show the world how saving lives can be more beneficial than taking lives. And Benjy could pipe in about his iron cross earned as a bomber pilot over Korea and how he ain't no pearl-harbored pansy lightweight.

The core plot would be the discovery of Monster Island, hitting major headlines for being the last uncharted land on Earth, in a World's Fair kinda vibe. Doom wants it for himself, because he is Doom, and arranges for a UN envoy to be wiped out by the monsters on the island. Which triggers a military intervention by American and British armed forces. And in retaliation the Mole Man sends some of his bigger monsters off to attack Miami. (Anyone who has been to Miami would understand.) At this point the FF become involved. They've dealt with Doom before, enough to see him as their biggest threat, but he'd usually handle things in a Machiavellian machinations kinda way, pulling strings from afar. He'd rarely involve himself in direct conflicts, so the team doesn't catch his involvement here.

They succeed in trapping the monsters and returning them to Monster Isle, fight off a small legion of the little yellow mole people, and corner Mole Man. He agrees to be taken into custody on the conditions that his island is treated by international law as a wildlife refuge, allowing his little yellow mole men and monsters to go on living in peace. Scientists could come on occasion strictly for research purposes, but no McDonald's anytime soon.

So the FF save the day, with minimal violence, and everyone is happy. Except Doom, who is infuriated that Doom's plans have failed.

That's the first movie.

A year later the second movie has the Fantastic family (with Franklin in tow) on vacation in California, with Reed picking up some side money as a technical consultant on that new James Bond flick. Sue: "Reed honey, can't you stop working just for the weekend? Please?"

Then the Silver Surfer hits, mistaking Hollywood for the global capital and attacking everyone and everything in sight, to clear the way for the guy he heralds for, Galactus. The Fantastic Four are quick to respond, and come close to knocking him out when the big guy shows up. A lot of what happens next would be ripping off John Byrne's Trio mini-series from IDW, which I've always theorized began life as an FF screenplay of his own. The FF fight Galactus, who barely pays them any attention as he's setting up his ship to start gorging the Earth. The army shows up and bravely get their asses handed to them. Namor shows up with a squadron of Atlantean soldiers, as he objects to alien giants threatening the well-being of his oceans. I think in this world, Namor is viewed by the American government and the UN as a Fidel Castro type. Very loud but ultimately not a global superpower. But if he wants to help save the planet then good on him. Doom arrives as well, and sneaks aboard Galactus' ship while the big guy is swatting away American fighter jets and Atlantean spear-chuckers and the FF. Doom wants to rule the world, so alien giants devouring the world just will not do. Also, he wants to steal Galactus' technology, or at least use it to stop the big guy.

Reed and Sue pull back from the fight to work with some unemployed techies in the vicinity to build a plan to send Galactus back off world, where they are overheard by the Surfer, who realizes just how many different creatures seem to be setting aside their differences to stand against his master. It reminds him of his homeworld, whose defense prompts him to service Galactus. Meanwhile, Ben and Johnny are trading insults with each other while leading the defense against Galactus. Namor pushes on. Franklin is trying hard not to get in the way like his mommy asked, until Reed realizes that his son's latent powers might be the solution to their problem. Galactus realizes one of the gnats has disrupted his ship's settings from vacuuming up the electromagnetic energies of the Earth or whatever. Doom realizes the tech is too advanced and cannot figure out enough of the ship to turn its weapons against Galactus. Realizing he is on the wrong side morally as well as possibly physically, Surfer confronts Galactus, whose impatience at the distraction mid-fight causes him to slap the Surfer completely unconscious. Franklin, prompted by his parents, starts dreaming and a huge portal opens up. Doom leaves in an escape pod, because he is Doom and his enemies will wipe out each other. Galactus, the Surfer, the ship, and the Fantastic Four all disappear. Into the Negative Zone.

Doom rises in the ashes of the battlefield of Hollywood, and the media immediately, mistakenly, praise the Latverian ruler for saving the world. End of film 2.

The third movie would be set entirely in the Negative Zone. So the LucasArts people given pink slips can get some work.

Drifting about, the Fantastic Four work together and board Galactus' ship. Franklin is freaking out because he has no idea how he made them get there or how to bring them home. Reed and Ben try to figure out how to pilot the ship, which is good as Galactus is floating their way with a look on his face very close to Nicolette's when I told her I didn't want to see her anymore. The team is aided by R-11, a nice robot on Galactus' ship which as far as I know only appeared in one comic, when Dazzler was a herald of Galactus for an issue of her series. He should be voiced by Steve Buscemi. R-11 uses the controls to tractor beam an unconscious Surfer into a containment cell and Reed finally sorts out how to make the ship move, blasting away and leaving a very upset world-devourer behind.

They eventually come across Prison 42, which exists here but was not created by or maintained by anybody from Earth, though it still serves as a prison for the universe's nastiest, like Marvel's Phantom Zone. The predominately Xandarian security squads start to wet themselves (not really) when they see the ship of Galactus drawing near, but Reed figures out the ship's universal translator and lets them know they are just really lost tourists. They disembark, and learn what Prison 42 is about. But then Galactus arrives. The FF and the prison's security teams start to launch a defensive measure, but Sue asserts the chances of them escaping from a battle in an unknown place against something as unbeatable as Galactus would be too risky for her baby boy. So Reed gets the bright idea to free every inmate. Prison 42's staff are cool with this because guys like Annihilus, Blastaar, Terrax and Morg are scary to deal with everyday anyhow. So all the good people hide out in Prison 42's equivalent of the warden's office, super secure, and Galactus is left to face a small army of the most dangerous criminals in all of outer space. (And this, after being robbed of his last meal.) Big CGI stuff ensues. The FF help the Prison 42 staff sweep up leftovers and re-detain the few survivors and/or villains that didn't manage to flee. But most of their efforts go into containing Galactus, who is sloppy droopy like an exhausted and badly drunk uncle picked up from a late-night bar fight. They bind him and, after the warden establishes communications with the Living Tribunal universal weblink (a virtual court maintained by the offices of the Majestrix of the Shi'ar Empire), are permitted to allow the Surfer to sail into the heart of the Negative Zone with Galactus in tow. The Surfer actually suggests this, as while he is willing to let the team take his master's ship to their own home, he knows he must continue to serve Galactus so that Galactus will continue to spare his own world. R-11 shows the team how the ship can warp back into their own corner of the omniverse, and they do so.

To flesh this one out more, the warden would be Immortus (played by Michael Ironside). Reed having to make the call of letting the inmates get their freedom if they make it past Galactus, and the possible hundreds or thousands or hundreds of thousands of light-years to the next structure or planetoid or whatever in the Negative Zone, would really be a twisted, selfish gamble. And here Franklin would still be in shock over seeing what he himself is capable of, power-wise. He'd need his dad in those days, need his dad to be strong and sure of himself.

So Immortus would see all of that and reveal himself to Reed, while hiding from Galactus in the warden's office, informing him that he (Reed's dad) is serving his own penance there by overseeing Prison 42. And he'd warn Reed that at some point in his future he will face past versions of Immortus (Kang they may have previously encountered, but there'd be more Kangs, Scarlet Centurion, and Pharaoh Rama-Tut, etc). And these other incarnations would not be so respectful of the greater stakes. So Reed and his dad would have a talk, but not so much the "With great power comes supermodels", but rather a more logical discussion of cause and effect. The cause and effect of Franklin's potential, the cause and effect of Reed's authority, and the cause and effect of a son repeating the mistakes of the father. All of which might hopefully give a touch of character growth among all the action of this chapter, and kinda nod towards what happens when they leave this place.

The Fantastic family arrive back to Earth in the present. Gone for a few days in the Negative Zone, but a few decades passed here. They are very quickly updated. Doom had used his winning day to get Latveria a seat at the United Nations. While Reed wasn't big on using his big brain to design weapon systems for the highest bidders of whatever government, Doom wasn't so reluctant. Among other things, he also worked out a deal for the destruction of the Baxter Building (actually blasting it into space in case any of Reed's locked-away experiments gone unmonitored might prove a threat to the community). But Galactus' ship gets parked there on the same foundation (the lot itself still owned by Reed and Sue), rechristened as Four Freedoms Plaza. R-11, betrayer of his galactic master and now with nowhere else to go, and having proven himself a friend, is himself rechristened as HERBIE the robot. Bigger time, bigger family. End of movie 3.

The fourth movie (ohgodmakemestop) would mostly involve the characters adjusting to the modern world.

Doom would still be around, his age slowed somewhat by tech and dark sorcery. He'd have grown into a major player on the global chessboard. In real life, as big as Silicon Valley is for software production, they are actually dwarfed by Israel's output, which commercial media rarely acknowledges because it is 90% security programs sold to various governments. That would be Latveria here. Doom would still be a man of mystery, doing everything Doom's way. But the weird voices in the west among the far left and far right who look up to Putin as a super-cool tough guy, much of that could be transferred to Doom. The Daily Bugle could write scathing editorials pointing out how Doom's Facebook fan-page has more followers than the Pope's. He would be a scary figure though, all in all. Nervous laughter.

Reed would be inspired by the technological developments of the missing decades, and would create his first smart-phone app inside of his first 24 hours of returning from the Negative Zone. Sue would take everything in stride, trying to readjust her family into modern society and the paperwork that demands, but the advances in the women's lib movement would get her silent seal of approval. Namor, who'd appear to have only aged half as much as he should've, could swing by to officially welcome the family back to Earth. Before he probably had viewed them as potential threats, until he fought alongside them against Galactus, after which he sees them as allies, maybe even equals. But during his visit he could accidentally share how he'd been harboring a major crush on Sue ever since that day, comparable to Muammar Gaddafi's huge awkward crush over Condoleeza Rice. (Which was a real thing and reportedly provided years of weirdness, and upon his death tons of pictures and video recordings of her were supposedly found in his home.)

Johnny would be inspired by the ease in which the average Joe can attain super-stardom, with his James Dean-like love for fast cars and faster women making him an internet celebrity. He'd host local events, star in Vimeo's most popular channel, and cameo in big budget movies. Big sister Sue would draw the line at a reality TV show though.

Ben would be even more the fish out of water, with the few friends and family outside of the team he had being long gone now. Even the Yancy Street Punks would all be grown and matured, running a homeless shelter/soup kitchen now, with little free time to spray-paint his backside on the subway. Everywhere he goes people would ask if a movie is being filmed. There would be humiliating memes at his expense. He can't even smoke his stogies inside most places anymore.

So the characters would be in their own directions, starstruck and busy trying to find their places in the 21st century, when Puppet-Master strikes. His parents had founded one of Hollywood's premiere special effects studios way back, and they had perished in the battle with Galactus, so Puppet-Master (played by Michael Emerson) saw the FF as responsible because that is super-villain logic. He tries to turn the members against each other, including a controlled Namor against the Human Torch solo fight. But his plans get complicated by his blind daughter Alicia's (played by Stella Maeve) bleeding heart finding in Ben the puppy she had always wanted.

When it's uncovered by Reed that the irradiated clay used by the bad guy was apparently imported by black market from a meteor crash-site in Latveria, Doom is caught with his pants down, opening the floodgates to more and more stories of illicit weapons sales popping up in the media. (Shades of Bendis and Dell'Otto's Secret War mini.)

Final scene, weeks later, a Thanksgiving dinner with Reed, Sue, Franklin, Johnny, Ben and Alicia, HERBIE and that nice retired postal carrier Willie Lumpkin (who updated them at the start of this film, and as a young man had started delivering their mail exactly one week before they left to the Negative Zone and had faithfully saved everything since, waiting for their return), all feeling comfortable at last, and Sue announces that somehow, during those days in the Negative Zone a couple months back, she had become preggo. (Valeria conceived in the Negative Zone hell yes.) End of film 4.

The fifth film would open with Namor, brooding in the year since the last film, feeling defeated by Sue spurning his affections and by serving as a pawn of the Puppet-Master, and by his niece Namorita apparently moving to New York for graduate studies and a modeling contract, finally loses his cool on the world stage and gives in to a provocation from Doom. A convoy of Atlanteans had been passing through Latveria as one of many stops on their way to an environmental summit in Egypt, and had been blown to smithereens by a Doombot. The Doombot was later claimed to have been malfunctioning by Doom's Ministry of Truth, another Doombot. Before the next week begins a full-scale war between Latverian and Atlantean forces is in effect, with assorted ships from both sides lining up for mutually-assured destruction.

Recognizing that her uncle, who was also her legal guardian, would probably be too unhappy with her recent life choices to want to hear reprimanding from her, was an issue. Because Namorita realized that the sudden combat from her uncle was more than likely just him trying to reassert himself in his own eyes rather than consciously wanting to launch WW3. So Namorita goes to Four Freedoms Plaza to seek out the assistance of the Fantastic Four. And love at first sight electrifies as she meets and cannot take her eyes off of Johnny Storm, who in turn cannot take his eyes off of Namorita, to the chagrin of the young woman already on his arm who quickly gets stuffed into a public elevator. Agatha Harkness, the wizened old nanny for young Franklin and his baby sister Val, shuffles the children out of the room and away from such torridness. Meanwhile, Reed, Sue, Ben and HERBIE were across town in battle with a bank robber called Grey Gargoyle. They are just handing him over to arriving law enforcement when Johnny calls from above, he and Namorita fly down hand in hand and with a whopper to share. They want the team's help in confronting Namor directly before the war spills across any additional borders of sovereign nations, and to end the conflict before Namor really gets himself into trouble. He does mean well, usually.

Pacifists Reed and Sue, the well-being of their immediate family in mind, refuse to get involved in the matter across the ocean. Ben on the other hand, knows Johnny will go off wherever this little blondie wants him to, and so decides to join in as to keep an eye on the matchstick. Any old excuse for clobbering time. So Ben, Johnny and Nita go about knocking some sense into Namor. And at home, Reed and Sue discuss retiring altogether, realizing more and more how much their children need a normal life. The team divided and distracted, the penthouse elevator opens up to show Ms Harkness unconscious on the ground, and standing over her is none-other than Doctor Doom himself. He fights off Reed, proudly announcing how he'd pushed Namor hoping to draw him into direct conflict with the FF. And now he is taking the spoils of war, the one thing which his two biggest foes Reed and Namor both always wanted, Susan herself. Reed passes out from the portable deathtrap thingy Doom had unleashed, leaving Doom and the squirming Susan to teleport away.

Reed comes to and calls Johnny to tell him of his sister's abduction, interrupting the surprise attack he and allies were about to spring on Namor. Overhearing the talk, Namor flies off in search of Doom to rescue Sue himself. The remaining FF reunite and initiate a plan to storm Doom's castle. Ben, Johnny and Namorita, whose insistence on helping surprised the rest of the FF, battle Doombots as Reed sneaks inside an inner sanctum. Where he walks in on Doom and Namor fighting to the death. Namor does indeed die, but striking a blow that weakens Doom enough for Reed to step in and finish his defeat. Reed and Sue together again, Doom's regime publicly ended, the people of Latveria beg Reed to replace their god-emperor. Eager for new lives, the Richards couple accept, and begin making plans to transfer their children to this new home for their next chapter in life.

The people of Atlantis, upset by Namor's abandoning them, prove grateful for the end to the meaningless drama with Latveria, and acknowledge Namorita as next in line for the royal seat. Being the sort to speak her mind, Namorita proposes to Johnny...and he accepts her hand in holy matrimony. After much planning and celebration, the marriage would become a double ceremony at the last minute, as an emotional Ben popped the question to Alicia, with all gathered overjoyed. (Franklin was the ring-bearer and Val was the flower-girl.) Johnny and Namorita, rulers of Atlantis; Reed and Sue, rulers of Latveria, Ben and Alicia, rulers of the bar with no name. Reed and Sue busy themselves with helping the Latverians to organize a new parliament to replace their authority as sovereign family, a parliament to be called The Future Foundation. Johnny and Nita become quite popular as international celebrities, often vacationing from their throne room to indulge in fantastic adventures. Ben and Alicia have the most children though, with Ben settling into a quieter existence as foreman for a construction company. Happy days are here again, until a few years later, when Galactus returns to Earth, with new ship and new herald, having finally found his way back like a celestial wave returning to pound the same shores again.

As the world trembles, he removes his helmet, adult Franklin Richards...
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Postby Jack Charlemagne » Tue Dec 12, 2017 7:00 pm

Disregard everything that came before, film and television.

First film: World's Finest.

[Reveal] Spoiler: Click to Expand
Popular news anchor Cat Grant is performing an interview with Snapper Carr, a young man widely renowned as the leading expert on meta-human culture. Their discussion goes on about how history is filled with forteana, much of which can probably be rationally explained, although mysteries abound which suggest super-humans may have existed long before Superman's first appearance in the public eye some 15 years ago. Everyone knows the urban legends of costumed adventurers active in the 1940s, with the attached conspiracy of government cover-ups which often proves more colorful than the crazier JFK assassination theories. The Blackhawks are real of course, proudly serving as a select special-ops branch to the US armed forces from their original membership in the World War 2 years and on to their relocation to a United Nations charter in the 1980s, an arrangement which stands to this day. Like the Swiss Guard or the French Foreign Legion, but bad-ass and all GI Joe-like. Yet even their esteemed members have alluded to some truth behind the modern mythology of a "Doom Patrol" group active in the 1960s. And obviously there were the Challengers of the Unknown, media darlings after a fashion who were also adventuring for a time in the 1950s or 1960s before suddenly vanishing from off the face of the Earth. But even they were essentially regular people. Copious skills and training, certainly, but still normal humans at the end of the day. Superman must have been the first, with the presence of that scary Batman of Gotham coming to light shortly thereafter. And around the same time, Diana of Themyscira, although despite an amazing back-story, she has always presented herself as more of a teacher and historian, concerned exclusively with global peacekeeping through largely non-violent methods. While her homeland of "Amazon Isle" is bizarrely archaic in virtually every which way, she is quite clearly a trained warrior, and long ago proved herself by garnering a permanent seat of her own with the United Nations Security Counsel. But it does seem that other heroes engaging in strange and sometimes hyper-violent activities only grew after this powerful trio had entered the world stage.

This would basically be the intro to the talk between Grant and Carr, before they launch into a three-act tale concerning the well-documented troubles from just "a few years ago".

Act One would alternate between their after-the-fact discussion of these events (where secret identities would not be known per se), and Bruce Wayne's firsthand experiences as they happened at the time. Over a period of weeks Batman's streets of Gotham are suddenly exploding with monstrously meta-human villains, specifically Clayface, Killer Croc and Man-Bat. It'd be casually established in dialogue that Bats had been at this for a decade or so (placing him around 40- older than Bale's but younger than Affleck's). Dick Grayson as Robin would have come and gone at some point in prior continuity, perhaps having just left for college. Barbara Gordon would have had her unfortunately disastrous stint as Batgirl. Batman's rogues gallery to this point had been primarily gangsters and mobsters, with the more colorful psychopaths like Joker, the Penguin and Riddler popping up here and there over more recent years, inspired to let loose by the funky presence of Batman himself (a point missed entirely by the fucktards behind the Gotham show). But this is something else. He's exhausted, but perseveres. His detective skills sort out that the new threats are being cultivated through the bio-technologies of a shielded subsidiary of LexCorp. So he calls up his old ally, the resident alien expert on the reclusive billionaire behind the parent corporation, Superman. Supes has been noticing the sudden uptick in monstrosities himself over in Metropolis and around the states, so he's all (super-)ears.

Act Two, again bouncing back and forth between the later TV interview and the firsthand experiences as they happened, although this time from Clark Kent's perspective. His parents would have long-since passed, but he'd have been married to Lois Lane for a few years at least. By day Clark would be an editor with the Daily Planet, with Lois its star reporter and Perry White the Editor in Chief still. Jimmy Olsen, Superman's best pal, would be the perpetual cub reporter, the occasional photographer itching for bigger credits. But Supes going public years ago would widely be recognized as the first public super-heroing, with the possibility wide open of all kinds of lunacy in the world by happenstance or by design all occurring outside of the public eye beforehand. He inspired other heroes to put on their capes, as Batman would later inadvertently inspire villains to be a little more colorful than blue collar or white collar. Both are anti-lethal force, but still generally use very different methods to reach their goals. Their working relationship was rocky as hell until several years prior to this story, in a case they approached from different angles and met in the middle, for the first time, involving a global conspiracy administered by the trio of Vandal Savage, R'as al Ghul and Lex Luthor. Now, together, they unearth the rise over recent months in monstrous villains around the globe is indeed being coordinated by Lex himself. Bats and Supes are using their civilian identities to sort out what the hell Lex is playing at. He in turn comes at them with everything a multi-billionaire is capable of, especially legal red tape. At this time Lex would have had great publicity in the public sphere for adopting some multicultural orphans, and tasking them with spending sizable portions of his own money towards philanthropic ideals, in a PR dream project called the Green Team Millionaires. They would actually, maybe unknowingly, serve the ulterior motive of pulling the public's admiration away from costumed vigilantes, super-powered and non, and instead towards the gumption of enterprising ingenuity enabled apparently only by kindly and incidentally wealthy benefactors. Getting at Lex is difficult with him hiding behind these young stars. Supes and Bats realize that conveniently, every new tale of a monstrous villain only makes the GTM look more and more appealing to the public. G-rated fare being preferable for the masses to things they don't teach in elementary school or Sunday school.

Act Three, flashing between the later TV interview and this time through the eyes of Diana Prince, shows the rich kids on a multinational goodwill tour, where a growing number of first-world leaders seem to be enjoying photo-ops with these wonderfully-intentioned orphans, with plastic smiles and vast wads of cash being thrown around every which way. Batman and Superman are following the path of suspicious well-being left by the GTM, knowing they are controlled by Lex who in turn is also using his resources to surreptitiously produce monstrous new threats right and left. Diana would have had her share of previous encounters, maybe even full-on team-ups with Supes, but the three would have never been needed to be present in unison before. Other heroes could increasingly be alluded to, but this trio would consistently be the headline-grabbers. Curious by the growing fame of the GTM, Diana would invite them to Themyscira. The Amazons are quick to discern an alien shade about them, and call their bluff in an embarrassing ordeal that quickly divides and ignites the globe. In the cacophony Lex is revealed to be enthralled by a space entity from beyond, Starro, which is carried through Lex and through the GTM on to the world's leaders in hopes of prompting them one and all into mutually-assured self-destruction. Starro, through Lex and Lex's kids and the leaders of the free world, is intent on unleashing nuclear war, with news cameras flocking to Themyscira to capture the quickly escalating debacle. Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman fighting back to back to back to face Starro, now publicly revealed. Even Superman feels out of his league here, having saved the world several times in the past but only having rarely ventured outside of the Milky Way and away from the red sun source of his power.

The back-story ends like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, a freeze frame just a blink before everything explodes with violence. In the studio, Cat and Snapper explain how the trio of heroes would go on to fight to save the world from the Starro menace, and how they might have failed had not other heroes been drawn to the excitement: Aquaman, Cyborg, the Flash (Barry Allen) and Green Lantern (Hal Jordan). That was the day the Justice League was founded, forged by fire. Lex was furious over being used like so, and would become a vocal opponent of super-powers, especially those non-terrestrial in origin. No origin stories of the individual characters, and no big CGeye-candy fight sequences needed, just a lot of summarized but eventful history. To build from.



Postby zryson » Tue Dec 12, 2017 7:04 pm

I love this thread. Thanks Jack!
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Postby Jack Charlemagne » Thu Dec 14, 2017 12:11 am

After World's Finest, the TV shows fire up.

These would all be interconnected and exist in the same universe as the films. While they would be great platforms for B-, C- and D-listers to make appearances, the characters from the movies would only be mentioned, in the sense that you don't encounter a celebrity every day. Stories could in fact often involve the aftermath or side-effects of the adventuring from the big names, expanding narratives and filling in details here and there. Fleshing out the world. These would be weekly, seasonal broadcasts. Crossovers between any of these programs would by design be more interesting than a typical superhero team-up.

[Reveal] Spoiler: Click to Expand
Blackhawks An aesthetic similar to The Last Ship, with lots of paramilitary jet-setting, globe-trotting and real-world though cutting-edge tech. Since the rise of the Justice League, a past-time for the Blackhawks would be reexamining old case files from their archives, under the new light of possible meta-human connections. Also, a recurring theme could be that an agency around for so long would likely have more than a dozen skeletons in its closet. But this could easily be what a live-action GI Joe wishes it was, with recruits being the best of the best from around the world. Kobra and Ra's al Ghul could be among the villains. Howard Chaykin would have to be show-runner.

Checkmate! Like the comics it'd be an American covert ops unit formed in the aftermath of WW2 and the dissolution of the JSA (whose narrative could be generously touched upon in the show). Everything they do would be top secret, so there'd be plenty of room for conspiracy and intrigue and cloaks and daggers, and the many characters good and bad who fit that bill (Rick Flag, Vandal Savage, Richard Dragon, Lady Shiva, Vigilante, etc). I enjoyed Greg Rucka's take, so maybe he could even be a writer on this.

The Outsiders Green Arrow and Black Canary would have been the first recruits to the Justice League following the founding 7, but after 2 or 3 years they abruptly quit, over "political reasons". This would have nothing in common with the WB characters whatsoever- take that formulaic garbage and its Ambercrombie & Fitch vapidness and kill it. This Ollie would be middle-aged, and very angry about the world, but also still exceedingly good at what he does. He and Dinah would lead a team of street-level heroes, mostly non-powered, to tackle the cases the big guns wouldn't ever want to get their hands dirty with. The Creeper, Huntress and Katana could be some of the members. Villains could include Wild Dog and Red Hood/Jason Todd. There should be a big sense of low-fi grassroots and the underground, of power to the people and all that fun lefty stuff. Very anti-corruption.

Project: Cadmus I would want something closer to the version from JLA: The Nail than the traditional comics, with the facility being a research institute where many of the subjects are actually held against their will. Most of the characters from the mainstream comics would be here though (except Superboy). The emphasis would be on crazy, mind-bending sci-fi. DC ought to give Warren Ellis a ton of money and have him be show-runner/lead writer. Smarmy people alternately drinking brandy and pulling guns on each other and ripping open tears in space-rime.

S.T.A.R. Labs Headed by Will Magnus, but it would have far more in common with the Star Labs of the comics than the setting for the WB's Flash. They would tend to have a number of kooky projects in the works at any given time, from developing new tech for the government to conducting studies for universities or corporations. And, they would assist different heroes. If anyone caught the BrainDead show with Mary Elizabeth Winstead, it could have a tone very comparable to that, super-smart but with a noticeable sense of humor. Darin Morgan of The X-Files as show-runner.

During the second season of these shows, have a real Invasion crossover.
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Postby Jack Charlemagne » Fri Dec 15, 2017 8:06 pm

Second wave, with three movies.

[Reveal] Spoiler: Click to Expand
Giant-Sized Justice League Adventures!

The story begins as the fifth anniversary of the Justice League's founding approaches, on the occasion of moving headquarters from a hollowed-out mountain on a remote island originally chanced upon by Aquaman, to an orbiting satellite constructed with help from friends at Star Labs. The team had continued on together, gradually expanding its membership to include the Martian Manhunter, the Atom (Ray Palmer), Green Arrow and Black Canary, Hawkman, Ralph and Sue Dibny, Vixen, Firestorm, and Zatanna. Oracle (Barbara Gordon) was brought in to serve as tech support, a role in which she thrived, although Batman would gradually spend less and less time with the team. Supes confides in Diana, Barry, Hal and J'onn that Bats had just buried Jason Todd, the second boy wonder to wear the Robin mask, and that Bruce was extra-moody and needed alone time.

Emergency call #1comes in, with Emil Hamilton requesting immediate assistance. He had been studying and safeguarding the bottle city of Kandor for Star Labs as a favor to Supes, when somehow or other Mister Mxyzptlk had gotten himself stuck inside, refusing to budge. So Superman, Atom and Hawkman volunteer to fly over and sort things out while the rest of the team works on the impossible move.

Then emergency call #2 hits in the form of young Supergirl, newly-arrived to Earth some months prior and now pleading for help in the rescue of Krypto the Superdog and Comet the Super-Horse, both abducted by Gorilla Grodd, Brain and Monsieur Mallah in hopes of cultivating an uprising of animals. Wonder Woman leads an away team of Green Arrow, Black Canary and Firestorm to deal with the matter.

Emergency call #3 further interrupts the relocation, with dramatic reports of Giganta laying waste to Tokyo. Oracle herself happened to be vacationing in Kyoto, and was quick to send out the distress signal, informing HQ that Giganta's size-changing had grown out of control, and that she was estimated to be around a thousand feet tall..and growing still. J'onn J'onnz, who had quickly become a co-captain of the team (alongside Superman and Wonder Woman), gathers Aquaman, Flash and Green Lantern to save Japan.

But then emergency call #4 strikes while the other three groups are still out, with the Flash's Rogues Gallery apparently holding the members of U2 for ransom while performing a live show at the Vatican for a peace summit. Insert joke about U2 only getting leftovers. With Barry incommunicado, Zatanna, Ralph and Sue Dibny and Vixen race to face off against Captain Cold, Mirror Master, Weather Wizard, Trickster, Captain Boomerang, Top, Abracadabra, Heatwave, Golden Glider and Rainbow Raider.

One of the team's clauses was that a member must always be present at HQ, leaving Cyborg in the awkward position of staying behind to protect their archives and storeroom of captured weapons and technology. He hates feeling sorry for himself, but he also hates being the youngest member of the team. Packing materials, he comes across something shocking. Batman arrives, after picking up the team's back to back distress calls forwarded to the Bat-Computer, and finds Cyborg aghast. Cyborg asks Batman why he had been keeping encrypted files on all of them, including highly personal information. Batman looks more stern than usual, and offers only an ultimatum. He says that his existence is a chain and that he cannot suffer anymore lives lost by weak links. That he may be a billionaire but he cannot afford to trust anyone, not anymore. Cyborg says he doesn't need a babysitter. Shared glares. Cyborg turns and walks away.

End scene: the other groups return from their missions, tired but ready to finish the move to the satellite. Batman informs them that Cyborg had quit the team, without mentioning one word about the encrypted files. He also informs them that he himself would be leaving indefinitely, as Gotham needs him more than ever. Then Krypto does something cute and the gang resumes their packing and unpacking. "Just another day in the life."

Titans: Young Heroes in Love

Cyborg had only been spending half his time with the Justice League since the start. Feeling awkward for being the youngest, he never honestly felt like a full member. He had hit it off well with Dick Grayson early on however, and after his own college graduation decided to give super-heroing another go, this time under the Nightwing persona. The two elect to form and train a new team of younger heroes, to one day replace the Justice League when called upon. Cyborg (and his father) build and finance Titans Tower, to serve as home for this new team as a side-project to his JL duties. Nightwing recruits his former sidekick pals Tempest (Garth), Wonder Girl (Donna Troy), Kid Flash (Wally West) and Speedy (Roy Harper) to flesh out the roster, although soon enough Changeling, Raven, Starfire and Terra also join. Initially there is a friendly rivalry between the two teams of superheroes, until Terra is proven to be a spy working on behalf of Deathstroke the Terminator. This really stung as Terra and Cyborg had been double-dating with Nightwing and Starfire for months.

Cyborg learned of Terra's betrayal by putting pieces together from Batman's encrypted files on all known superheroes he'd encountered. Now, in the aftermath of leaving the JL and having to break the news to the rest of the Titans of Terra's duplicity, he realizes he might be losing both of his teams. They rally though, and go on a pulses-pounding hunt for Deathstroke, who almost fights them to a standstill singlehandedly. During the final confrontation he lets slip that he had been paid by Lex Luthor to undermine the Titans, to gather info on them and to find ways of manipulating them against the Justice League, thus killing two birds with one stone. Piecing together that he wasn't the only person to be gathering notes on superteams, he readies to gut Cyborg to get the info out of him, when Terra intervenes. Risking her life to save Cyborg, the other Titans are able to swoop in and nelson Deathstroke.

The young team having managed to become quite popular, MTV even broadcasts from Terra's funeral, the Titans unwilling to publicly divulge how she had duped them, preferring she be remembered as a hero.

End scene: weeks later, Superman comes a'knockin' at Titans Tower, reaching out to Cy to reconsider joining the League. Cyborg mentions that Luthor had hired Deathstroke to spy on the Titans, to look for ways of turning them against the League. He also mentions Bruce's encrypted files. He endcaps by noting that with everyone and their mother trying to dig up info on him and all the other heroes, he should start applying some more effort in finding out who he himself is, for himself. And that while he will always respect the Justice League, the Titans are his friends. Supes understands, and adds he would like to refer someone for Titans membership. At which point Supergirl flies down and Cyborg is all like, goddamn girl.

The Batman.

Bruce obsessively throws himself into crime-fighting in Gotham a thousand times over, taking out a lot of aggression at bad decisions he and people around him have made. Mental flashbacks to he and Dick arguing, and of he being overly hard on Jason. Pushing and pushing them.

He is so obsessed with his struggle he doesn't come home often enough to realize the Bat-Computer went and got hacked. Or rather he does, but far too late. Supes arrives, with a pained discussion about trust. "Bruce, we aren't you're enemies; you have to let us in." "But I'm busy, Clark." Supes flies off, teary-eyed. Bruce explodes and rips apart his Bat-Computer into bite-sized pieces. No more high tech for this Batman.

Tracing the hack to servers maintained by LexCorp, Bats races to bar Lex from using his encrypted files, going on a wild goose chase and facing down each member of the Legion of Doom one at a time, ala Kill Bill. When Lex himself is finally cornered: "How are we different from one another, Bruce" Bats overcharges Lex's battle-suit, frying his brains into puddin' and rendering him incapable of exploiting the stolen data-set. Bruce: "It's not who I am underneath, it's what I do that defines me, because I am the goddamn Batman."
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Postby Flamebird » Fri Dec 15, 2017 8:55 pm

I was posting book ideas a while ago in some thread; which of course with the search around here, I can't find it. . . :smt013
But, I had a solid two years worth of ideas for a re-booted L.E.G.I.O.N. series; with pics plot-lines and character development. I probably should have sat down and written it while I was in a creative mood. . . :roll:
I guess I didn't save it, but I did find, from the same thread that Id started on a treatment for the Omega Men. It's not finished and I don't remember what I was gonna do with it; but that's the way it goes. :smt102
Omega Men:


Garryn Bek- Former Darkstar;uniformed"protectors of the universe" as the Controllers answer to the Green Lantern corp.
While Working under-cover on the planet Cairn, Garryn was betrayed and framed for the murder of the son of the Crime-lord ruler of the planet.
The Controllers, not known for subtlety; were forced to strip him of his authority and protection as a Darkstar and sentenced him to life imprisonment on Takron-Galtos.

Vril Dox- Bio-engineered by the computer tyrants of Colu as a first generation humanoid/computer interface. Deciding to escape and build his own destiny, Vril soon discovers
that no planet wants him or trusts him. Getting a mysterious job offer on Takron-Galtos; he ends up on the same transport as Garryn and the others. . .

Broot- Superstrong and durable, his race of ultra-pacifists exiled him after he killed a Gordanian slaver that killed his son in front of his eyes. Sometimes, even a peaceful man
peaceful man has a breaking point. Vowing to bring down the Citadel overlords that hire the slavers; Broot works security on Takron-Galtos till he can plan for his next move
against the Psions.

Lyrissa Mallor- Failed Shadow-Protector of her homeworld, Talok VII; removed from her hereditary position after killing an alien "diplomat" to protect her charges, she was
banished and stripped of her abilities. . . they believe.

Tigorr- Shape-shifting cat-man from the planet Karna; ace-pilot and weapons expert. Washed out of the Karnian military for speaking against their Citadel masters.
Leaving his homeworld and dizcovering "freedom" he decides he likes it and wants to bring it home to his people. Now, he just needs a crew. . . and a plan. . . and
a ship.

The Ship- Quislet. Extra-dimensional energy being from the 30th Century; thrown back in time while trying to discover anomolies in the history of the Vega System.
Stranded in the past; he decides to fix history and save Vega from the threat of the Dark Circle. Living in his bioship; he has the ability to inject his "life-force
into any sophisticated computers/machinery, he "acquires" a prototype Thanagarian Starship and starts upgrading it to serve the Omega Men. Not wanting to disrupt
hstory too much; he lets the crew think that the ship is intelligent and his containment pod is just an extension and control pod for the ship.

Grimborr the Chainsman- Commandant of Takron-Galtos; he's a master of restraints and "rehabilitation" techniques that have been banned in most of the sentient worlds.

After assembling the crew and escaping Takron-Galtos, Quislet decides they need one more member if they are going to succeed in freeing the Vega System from the Citadel
and coming together to face the new threat of the Dark Circle. That member. . .

Stealth- No one knows where she comes from or how she gets around; but she's best thief-for-hire in the Omega Quadrant.

As near as I can tell, I was basically re-tooling (ripping off ) Blake's Seven with super-heroes. Could be fun though. :smt017
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Postby Jack Charlemagne » Fri Dec 15, 2017 10:05 pm

Flamebird wrote:As near as I can tell, I was basically re-tooling (ripping off ) Blake's Seven with super-heroes. Could be fun though. :smt017

I was flashing back to Kitson's Legion and even Starlin's Dreadstar when I was reading those descriptions. Maybe the new Star Wars stuff can help remind the world how much fun space cowboys can be. But hell, if comics don't exist for nothing else, that genre is it. I loved it, man.

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