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Postby holtom2000 » Wed Jun 22, 2016 9:59 am

not often a series wraps up with such a satisfying ending... bravo. I will miss this show. not many shows on network TV I watch, but this was one of them and one of my favs


penile prisoner

Postby PDH » Wed Jun 22, 2016 2:12 pm

Great end to a great show. I'm really going to miss it.

It was really always the story of John and Harold. All John wanted to do was to be a hero but he was being put in ethically complicated situations, to say the least. With moral compromise after moral compromise he eventually came to realise that he was no longer on the side of the angels and that - more than any tragedy or betrayal - was what broke him. When we meet him in the pilot he's at his absolute lowest point.

Then Finch comes along and gives him everything he always wanted: a chance to be an unambiguous hero. They're both incredibly secretive people with dark pasts. To begin with they're both so guarded around each other, with Reese actually having to follow Finch around to find out who the heck he is and what he's up to. Their relationship with the Machine is the same, as well: they all desperately want to trust each other but even though they ultimately share the same goals it takes so long for them to open up to each other.

As the story goes on, they all bring out the best in each other and everyone else in their family. People go from being corrupt cops, cold-blooded killers and complete maniacs to being heroes. It's a story of overcoming the distrust and paranoia of the post 9/11 world and finding redemption and hope for the future and I think that's been reflected in the relationship of the central characters from the start.

Really going to miss it. :cry:

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