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S.F. Jude Terror


Postby S.F. Jude Terror » Mon Jan 30, 2012 11:02 pm

nietoperz wrote:Welcome to the Outhouse. We hope that you enjoy our lively community but we ask that you follow these simple rules.

1) No pornographic materials. We follow the FCC standard when it comes to what constitutes an appropriate or inappropriate image. No nips, no tips, no vajayjays and no bare butts. We also ask that avatars be kept work-friendly.

2) Please be respectful of your fellow posters. This is an internet community and as such occasionally tempers will flare. All we ask is that you keep it classy. While there is no set list of off-limit topics or insults, keep in mind that, within reason, if a comment is reported as offensive and found to be as such, we will ask to remove the comment and to discontinue its use in dialogue. We would also add that posters' families and spouses are very much off-limits. Repeat offenders will be warned and banned if necessary.

2.a) The Outhouse provides a very robust ignore feature. If you find that you cannot get along with another poster, please consider ignoring them instead of engaging in constant e-battles that end in you reporting each other. This is for our sanity as well as yours.

2.b) The Outhouse also offers the ability to ignore political slapfight threads, as well as what we call "butthurt drama threads" - you'll know them when you see them. Please take advantage of this feature in your User Control Panel or ask an admin for help activating it if you find that the sometimes raw and emotional discussion style in these threads is too much to handle.

2.c) Private messages are private are should be kept between you and the sender of the message. If you have a problem with something said in a PM, report it to an administrator or moderator - do not re-post them either here or elsewhere.

3) No spamming the board. We don’t mind if you occasionally share other websites with the board. We do ask, however, that it not be your only purpose at the site. If you wish to advertise with the site, please contact Jude Terror, who’d be more than willing to pimp your wares in exchange for a exorbitant Chocodile fee.

3.a) In order to make the job of protecting the Outhouse from Bulgarian Viagra salesmen easier, we have placed a small post-count requirement on link posting. New users with less than ten posts will be unable to post links and send private messages. Once you've participated in the community with ten or more posts, this restriction will be automatically lifted.

3.b) If you are a publisher, publicist, creator, or someone else with a project to promote, we are happy at any time to receive press releases, review copy info, interview offers, or other publicity information at our press email at theouthousers@yahoo.com or seek out Jude Terror or BlueStreak on the forums.

3.c) Strictly one user account is allowed per person. If multiple accounts are detected, this will result in all of an individual's accounts being deleted permanently.

3.d) All rules in this ToS have always existed, and any Spektre's claiming otherwise are incorrect.

4) While we welcome the posting of links to articles posted on other sites we ask that said articles are not reproduced in their entirety in the forum, rather that a small but relevant part of the piece in question is quoted alongside the link. Furthermore it is of the utmost importance that articles are not copied verbatim without credit being given and a link being provided to the original sites at which they were published.

5) While we do not demand that posters offer site administrators more respect than they would anyone else, if a member of the admin staff notifies a poster that their behaviour is contrary to the site rules as set out in these Terms and Conditions of Service, said poster is expected to amend this behaviour immediately. Failure to do so will result in the issuing of an official warning. Should this warning fail to change the behaviour in question the poster will be suspended for a period to be decided by the administrator but not less than three days. Further, site administrators reserve the right to exclude posters permanently from the site under extreme conditions.

These Terms of Service may be added to or amended as necessary. Welcome to the Outhouse, new poster... we hope you survive the experience!
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S.F. Jude Terror


Postby S.F. Jude Terror » Mon Jan 30, 2012 11:03 pm

TL;DR Version:

1. Don't be a total dick.
2. If you're being a total dick, the mawds will eventually let you know.
2a. When that happens, stop being a total dick, at least for a little while.
3. Send your press releases to theouthousers@yahoo.com rather than making a thread to self-promote if you don't intend to join the community and participate in discussions, as people will consider you to be a total dick if you do that.

Hopefully, this clears things up.
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S.F. Jude Terror


Postby S.F. Jude Terror » Mon Jan 30, 2012 11:07 pm

NSFW Reminder:

nietoperz wrote:Guys, as it says in the TOC: no pornographic materials. We follow the FCC standard when it comes to what constitutes an appropriate or inappropriate image. No nips, no tips, no vajayjays and no bare butts. We also ask that avatars be kept work-friendly. Of course, this should be common sense, but this also applies to images where nipples, assholes, vaginas, or penises are obviously visible despite a transparent piece of fabric. You can, as always, link to these pictures. Just don't embed them, please. Pictures of minors in sexual garb or compromising positions are also very much forbidden.

WE DO NOT WANT TO BE LABELED AN ADULT SITE BY GOOGLE. This is very important, and lately certain posters have been pushing the envelope when it comes to NSFW pictures. There are plenty of porn sites on the Net, so if you need to look at nudie pictures please go to them.

We're about to get very tough about these rules so please abide by them.

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