The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson: 8/28/12

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The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson: 8/28/12

Postby LOLtron » Tue Aug 28, 2012 10:57 am

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson: 8/28/12

It's a great day for America as The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson returns with a new set!



The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Zoom in (real dimensions: 851 x 315)Image  
The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson is the forgotten step child of late night talk shows. It’s also the best. If you’re a regular, then you already know. If you’re not, why the hell not?

Craig Ferguson, a zany madcap stand up comedian from Scotland rose to stateside fame on The Drew Carey Show. Upon that shows demise, he dabbled in filmmaking and eventually was, somehow, picked to replace Craig Kilborn for the show that runs after Letterman in late 2004. Side note – Craig Kilborn’s previous job was at The Daily Show which he left giving Jon Stewart the opportunity to make the show better by being better. Conversely, Craig made The Late Late Show better, by making it worse!

Stuck in the "basement" of Studio 58, Craig threw out the rule book on talk show etiquette. Gone was the stiff perfectly windsored neck tie. Gone was the generic need for a co-host/sidekick & house band. Gone was the need for a script! And for five years Craig’s comedy alone ran the show to a moderate success. This all changed on April 5, 2010 when Craig’s long running joke on a robot skeleton uprising became a reality with the introduction of Geoff Peterson, who just happened to be a skeleton robot. Limited to programmed responses Geoff was humorous but not much more than a quick chuckle. Later once actor Josh Robert Thompson started providing Geoff’s voice, the show found the next level it was looking for.

Craig Ferguson’s disdain for the typical talk show format (however real or not) is the driving force behind this show. His boss David Letterman has been on cruise control for well over a decade. Jay Leno just isn’t funny. Conan and the Jimmy’s (Kimmel & Fallon) are zany, but too well scripted. With Craig though, you never really know where something will go, even with the guests who are often taken aback by not being giving the typical talk show questions.

Earlier this year, Craig’s contract was renewed and with it came a larger studio. No longer would the show be set from a small darkly lit, roof leaking dank room. Now it will be set in a large darkly lit, roof leaking dank room.

Which brings us to last night and the return of the The Late Late Show where, not surprisingly, very little changed.

Zoom in (real dimensions: 600 x 803)Image  

Sure there’s now a stable door for Secretariat (a pantomime horse who frequents the show), a couple new chairs, a larger Lesbian Row, a roaring fireplace that’s only a picture and a rhino head on a plaque (that’s not really a rhino because it’s “made of kittens”). Otherwise it’s the same set, it’s the same bad lighting, there’s still the TARDIS on Craig’s desk, there’s the same catch phrases (“That sounded dirty” & “There goes my penis”) and of course there’s the utter lack of rehearsal.

As Craig put it himself, We've got the brand spanking new stage. We have improved everything that sucked about our old show. Except the host.”

And this viewer couldn’t be happier.


Written or Contributed by Amoebas



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