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The Latest 'Iron Man' 3 Rumor

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Postby LOLtron » Wed Nov 14, 2012 12:46 am

The Latest 'Iron Man' 3 Rumor

Actress Stephanie Szostak is the subject of the latest Iron Man 3 gossip.

Source: Twitter

A simple tweet has stirred up the, at one time calmed, storm of speculation that Stephanie Szostak would be playing Janet Van Dyne in Iron Man 3.



Marvel attempted to shoot down the Wasp rumors early on when speculation first started when Szostak was cast.  But after Wardell's tweet, only so many possibilities exist that would make fans "go crazy" and with the Hank Pym intro gossip as well, it would be a perfect fit.

You can get a glimpse of Szostak in the trailer, she appears briefly shoving Tony up against a wall and with Whedon telling EW that he was looking to cast more women in the Avengers, the classic character of the Wasp would be a great fit.  When most fans think of the next Avengers to get added to the cast, Ant-man and the Wasp are usually at the top of the list and using Iron Man to set up their intro into the Avengers or even the Ant-man movie makes the most sense out of all the indivual Avenger's movies on the way for Marvel's round two.


If we don't get more info soon,
we'll all know on May 3rd next year when Iron Man 3 comes out.

Written or Contributed by xaraan


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