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Death Ray


Postby Death Ray » Wed Nov 13, 2013 8:47 pm

Hello! Hello I say! So this is the Asylum? I hope you guys don't mind me telling you that Sharknado was a piece of crap! HAHAHAHAHA! That's a "The Asylum" joke for you un-hipsters!

So really, Hello! I do a web strip called Weapon Brown at Whatisdeepfried-Dot-Com, I cartoon for MAD magazine, and right now I'm swilling wed wine! Red wine! I've had too much already!

Love and Kisses,

Death Ray

Death Ray


Postby Death Ray » Wed Nov 13, 2013 8:50 pm

Log-Man wrote:
And we post a lot of quick, meaningless drivel :-D

You post a lot of Fox News, you say?
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Fish-Smackin' Knight

Postby monkafunk » Mon Nov 18, 2013 12:10 pm

Hey all!

We have a webcomic called KUNG-FU FIGHTERS and want to get to know YOU....yeah, YOU!

Stop by, say hello, tell us about your day!

Click on the banner below and let the hilarity begin!
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2k11 Outhouse People's Champion

Postby sdsichero » Fri Nov 22, 2013 12:32 pm

Another welcome to newcomers


Faster Pussycat

Postby The_RTG » Mon Nov 25, 2013 3:50 am

Hello. I am not a bot. I am a human being. I like to read and/or watch similar subjects/things as all of you do. I have/form my own opinions and do not mimic those around me.

I am not a bot. I am a human being.

Casper Bloom

Faster Pussycat

Postby Casper Bloom » Mon Nov 25, 2013 8:31 am

Hi I am another newb and not rally sure what I am doing here - oh yea, I love comic art despite loathing super hero garbage which I find unreadable or should I say indigestible. Thank you.
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Stephen Day

Wrasslin' Fan

Postby Stephen Day » Mon Nov 25, 2013 9:38 pm

Welcome to both of you, please stick around. :)
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Outhouse Drafter

Postby outsider » Tue Nov 26, 2013 8:38 am

Chessack wrote:Hi folks.

I'm not completely new to the Outhouse, in that I have been a lurker here for several months. I've enjoyed reading enough threads here I decided it was time to go ahead and make an account, so I could chime in from time to time.

Started reading comics in the 1970s... stopped in 1999... just started up again in 2012, thanks to a friend getting me started on digital comics. Though I'm back to buying a lot on paper again, since I really do prefer that format.

So, I'm kind of new/old to comics. Very old in the sense that I've just about seen it all in my day... but new in the sense that I'm not 100% "up" on what's been going on in the last decade or so.
Welcome Chessack! Love the avatar (puffy sleeves + hotpants = best Supergirl costume, imo) and it's great to see someone from North Carolina posting here. 8)
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#1,984 on Deathstroke's Hit List

Postby Scintillant-H » Thu Dec 12, 2013 10:43 am

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David Bird

rubber spoon

Postby David Bird » Thu Dec 12, 2013 2:26 pm

Who's there?
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#1,984 on Deathstroke's Hit List

Postby Scintillant-H » Fri Dec 13, 2013 10:43 am


*dives for cover*

... I was going to make a real knock knock joke, but I never heard a good one. XDD This is how I wish to enter the Outhouse; like the glitter bitch that I am. :-D (<--why is that one green?)
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David Bird

rubber spoon

Postby David Bird » Fri Dec 13, 2013 11:12 am

Alas, if you're restricting yourself to good jokes, your time at the Outhouse is going to be long and hard.
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#1,984 on Deathstroke's Hit List

Postby Scintillant-H » Sat Dec 14, 2013 10:22 am

Long and Hard--BWAHAHAHA!!!


I joke around a lot here in all the articles where I comment, but aside from being a very whimsical person by nature (and talking way too much when I'm not joking around), the truth is that I know very little about comics. That, and my brain rarely works properly, so when I DO know something, it takes longer to load than a youtube video without enzyte. If I can't comment with comic book knowledge, I can at least comment with my personality and a cheap laugh here and there.

I only took interest in comics a few years ago when I came out my my haze of doom (it's called "trauma") and only out of sheer curiosity when I found out that Slade was a character before he appeared in 2003's show Teen Titans. In having online access to both Nu52 and the original 80s, I was loving the oldies FAR more.
Thanks to a... "less than wonderful".... father, I was in hating of all fathers until I got to read much of Slade's pre-reboot run. The man is now my hero and the adoptive father I never had (healthy thinking for a 29-year-old, huh?). In reading through his stories I met Tim Drake (pre-reboot, of course), who I read up on more and now I wish was real so I could stalk him and cook his rabbit, following him around with a sow I named "Nightwing" while I tell him I'm Tim number one fan. XD

To this day, I have little care for any comic book that doesn't involve Tim or Slade. I hate Nu52 Tim and although I do not like Nu52 Slade much, I'll gladly grab for a book if he's in it, even as a cameo (I hate how Forever Evil is handling him). But then again, Slade is the only reason I watched Young Justice, or Smallville, or Arrow... I'll suffer through anything for Slade.

As I said, I know nothing about the history of the comic book world and am quickly learning of it's glory days and sordid past. Names that you all knew long ago, I've only recently become acquainted with in the last year; Dan Didio, Jim Lee, Scott Campbell, Grant Morrison, Gail Simone... and many others.
Perhaps this sounds like a bit of blasphemy to the fanbase, but if I had a time machine I'd be going back to put "The New Teen Titans no. 2" in my child-self's hands and telling her that the man who beats up her Mommy isn't her father; that, instead, the man in the book with one eye is her Daddy.

I do like Marvel, but only really for Nightcrawler and Deadpool. I'm fond of Wolverine, buuut... he's not really reason enough to waste my time (sorry, Logan). I mostly have memories of the old X-men cartoon show, the first one waaaay back when.

Oh, lets see, what else can I ramble on and on about like the worthless woman that I am...?


....I'm single (it's not MY fault that men can't handle being digested!)
....I'm brunete (ignore the blonde streaks... they mean biscuits--I mean: nothing, they mean nothing!)
....the town where I was born and raised is said to be one of the 7 gates of Hell (no--really!)
....I have no internet and use my library's once a day (let's blame Congress--because we can!)

...oh, right--and I'm in the long process of I'm transcribing/ abridging the "Superman Wonder Woman" series (but, damn, that make it so EASY) which I will draw in chibi-form. I'm debating which art style of chibi to use. I have a style in mind for my abridgement of "Red Hood and the Outlaws," but I feel that style doesn't suit the "Superman / Wonder Woman" series so well. I'm open to suggestions right now.

(yeah, I mentioned some rather severe, horrible, father-related issues, however I dealt with it long ago and I enjoy joking about it now ;) if not for this being the "hello noobs" thread, I wouldnt have wasted all this time. Shouldn't happen again.... much)

Hello, Outhousers.
My nick/name is Hal, and I'm a Deathstroke-a-holic.
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David Bird

rubber spoon

Postby David Bird » Sat Dec 14, 2013 11:00 am

I just finished reading Tim's complete 183+ issue run, thanks to Comixology.
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#1,984 on Deathstroke's Hit List

Postby Scintillant-H » Sat Dec 14, 2013 12:11 pm

I love you.
In that unacceptable creepy way that makes you glad that we're online and not face to face.
I need to get to those that I haven't read yet. Making fun of DC is time consuming. XD

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