Your Favorite Movies...Musicalized!

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Your Favorite Movies...Musicalized!

Postby LOLtron » Wed Feb 06, 2013 2:10 pm

Your Favorite Movies...Musicalized!

Re-watch your favorite movies, but this them live and Musicalized!

Something highly familiar and uniquely original is going on in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles theater scene has been turned on its wigged-head with the introduction of Second Line Production's, 30 Minute Musical. Simply put, 30 Minute Musicals are spoof musical reproductions of classic movies from the 80’s and 90’s. Jurassic Park the musical…it happened. Ghostbusters the musical during the Halloween season…check. Home Alone the musical during Christmas time…yep, it was amazing.

The dirty secret about 30 Minute Musicals is that they actually run closer to 40 minutes long due to all the pausing for laughter. Writer and creator of the 30 Minute Musicals, Brooke Seguin, constructs productions that highlight the most memorable lines and over exaggerate the most ridiculous moments in each musical’s source material. You’ll find yourself realizing just how outrageous movies really are when song and a bit of dance are added.

The current 30 Minute Musical, showing at the Celebration Theater in West Hollywood, is actually a double feature! The first musical is actually the first 30 Minute Musical ever written and produced (back by popular demand): Showgirls. Yes, that cult-classic coming of age story, in Vegas, has been recreated and spruced-up (that means they say and sing “fuck” a shit load) for your pleasure. On screen it seemed like a straight forward critically acclaimed drama, but after attending the musical you may find it was a little on the goofy side. Who knew? Showgirls stars Lindsay Wray as Nomi Malone and Brea Grant (best known for her roles on the TV shows Heroes and Dexter) as Cristal Connors.

The second part of the double feature is the homoerotic Tom Cruise film (so any Tom Cruise film, really), Top Gun. The most popular of all the 30 Minute Musicals, Top Gun features moments that will literally take your breath away due to laughter induced hyperventilation. Two words: volleyball scene. The all male cast is lead by Tom Leak (best known as Andrew Wells from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) who simply steals the night with his performance as female lead Charlotte Blackwood (Maverick’s love interest). Every Lenk line-delivery is pure genius, and every Lenk movement is a comedic calculation. I see why Joss Whedon chose him for Buffy, and later for a role in Cabin in the Woods. I’ve seen the 30 Minute Musical Top Gun twice and I am now genuinely confused about my sexuality. It’s that good.

The Showgirls/Top Gun Double Feature only last 2 more weekends, so get your tickets here, today! Make sure to “Like” the 30 Minute Musical Facebook page to view pictures of past shows and get updates about future productions. Oh, and the next show…think Swayze. Think…Road House.

Written or Contributed by 365Dom



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Re: Your Favorite Movies...Musicalized!

Postby MistaT » Wed Feb 06, 2013 2:36 pm

Sounds fun.

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