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Action Comics #1 (Because that ain't Superman Spoilers)

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Postby superfictious » Sun Sep 11, 2011 12:52 pm

Amoebas wrote:Okay, you got me to go back and instead of just reading the issue, I read 'into' it instead, and you are probably correct - but it takes a lot o assumptions to get there.

That shitty workmanship could have been about anything - there was nothing we saw that tied it to the trains. A single word balloon when Supes had Glenmorgan with the cops there saying something like - "Stop all the trains, they're defective" would have gone a lot further than what was presented (which was - there's a problem with the trains but before I do anything about that I'll play chase with the cops and do some laundry).

Also - We have to believe that when some kid calls into the Track Authority saying the trains are defective, they willingly shut down the entire service (with one single train not getting the message).

That one train, that just happens to have Lois and Jimmy on it, is the one train that Glenmorgan has a plan for, is the one train that Lex is watching, is the one train that Clark just happened to have had a phone call with someone on that one train, is the one train where a single bolt falls out causing it to speed up to 200mph (quick use of your phone's GPS there Jimmy, although dialing 911 would have been a better thing to do) is the one train, that during the stoppage, Jimmy catches a kid in one panel then apparently drops him in another, is the one train where Lex had always planned to capture Superman, is the one train etc etc etc.

So thanks, because I read 'into' it, it fell apart even more. :lol:

I really wasn't asking you to read 'into' it :lol:. I'd only read it once or twice when I responded, and my humble opinion is that a lot of people try to read too much into Morrison's work to either find fault or praise. I thought this was just a straightforward superhero comic. But as to your points...

You're right, the defective workmanship could've been anything. But it wasn't. It was the trains. This was all a part of Lex's plan.:smt102

Clark explicitly states to his editor that the confession, in addition to the plethora of evidence they'd already acquired, sealed the deal. Therefore, yeah, I don't have a hard time believe the Transit Authority would shut down every train for further inspection.

Lex, and the influence of the General Lane, made sure that "one train" would still run. Lois and Jimmy just happened to be there and the conversation with Jimmy gave Clark a heads up to something he would've responded to anyway. He's Superman, he'd have heard the screaming and terror.

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