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All-New Invaders #3 (Captain America makes espresso Spoilers

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Postby Punchy » Thu Mar 20, 2014 6:10 pm

James Robinson and Steve Pugh continue to move this book forward in some very interesting ways, and it’s clear now that Robinson isn’t just confining himself to the 4 main Invaders, as the original Golden Age Vision, Aarkus, who appeared in flashback last issue, makes his presence known in the present. I said this about his appearance last issue, but Marvel have so many weird forgotten GA heroes, it’s going to be exciting to see Robinson do the same for them as he did for DC’s oddities in Starman.

The opening scene here is a flashback showing how The Sub-Mariner was captured by Tanalth and the rest of the Kree. Robinson writes Namor well, he’s full of the expected arrogant bluster and we get an all-important ‘Imperius Rex!’ on only the 2nd page. Namor is outsmarted by Tanalth however, as she blasts him with a laser that drains all the water out of his body, leaving him powerless. We then see him imprisoned by the Supreme Intelligence, and his memories invaded, which is what set this whole thing in motion.

Back with the rest of the team, they’ve split up. Bucky has gone to look for Aarkus, whilst Cap and the Torch have gone to Avengers Mansion to contact Thor and warn him about the God’s Whisper. It turns out that all of the Asgardians are now immune to it’s control, which makes sense. There’s also mention of Aarkus having last been seen going up against Professor X’s son, Legion, which I’m guessing happened in X-Men: Legacy? It doesn’t much matter, but Robinson is doing a great job of using continuity here, something I’m not normally too fussed about, but with a book like this, with so many links to the past, it is important. Bucky eventually finds Aarkus in the form of a homeless man’s dog, and convinces him to help them go to Hala. Robinson drops a lot of hints here that he’s going to reveal some new stuff about Aarkus’ origins, which is interesting. I also liked the conversation between Captain America and the Torch that happened at the same time as Bucky’s journey through the smokey teleport corridors. Torch was sceptical that Aarkus would agree to help, but Cap had faith that he would. Of course, Cap was right, and, after Torch blows up the Quinjet (thankfully it’s an old model) to make enough smoke, the Invaders all teleport to Hala.

They are immediately attacked by Tanalth and her soldiers, which is to be expected really. Whenever a superhero or team teleports anywhere, it’s always right into the middle of fight, it happened in 3 different Marvel books this week. The Invaders tell Tanalth that the joke’s on her, the God’s Whisper doesn’t work on Asgardians anymore, but you see, it does still work on other Pantheons, and that includes the Kree’s new weapon… Ikaris of The Eternals! That was a great ending, I really didn’t see it coming at all, and can’t wait to see such a powerful character go up against this make-shift team.

Steve Pugh’s art was once again very strong, it’s just classic old-school superhero work that fits with these classic characters (well, 4 classics and Aarkus). I’m really digging both of James Robinson’s new Marvel books, he seems to have rediscovered his mojo. Although I still haven’t read Earth-2, apparently the mojo came back there.
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Stephen Day

Wrasslin' Fan

Postby Stephen Day » Mon Mar 31, 2014 8:01 pm

This is a great book.

I loved the way Aarkus was depicted. I loved the fight with Namor. I loved the shock ending -- holy crap Ikaris.

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