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Amazing Spider-Man #688 (Movie-goer bait Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Fri Jun 29, 2012 12:04 pm

Wow, what a coincidence! The new Spider-Man movie featuring the Lizard is out next week, and the new storyline in the comic also features the Lizard! How serendipitous! I kid, but this story does manage to both be a cynical cash-in with the movie, and work well on it’s own, as part of the grand ongoing tapestry of Spider-Man’s life. Picking up after the end of ‘Ends Of The Earth’, Spider-Man is all upset about the death of Silver Sable, so he takes it especially hard when Billy Connors’ corpse is stolen. It was shocking to see Spider-Man fight so violently against first Morbius and then Lizard, he’s reaching a dark new place. I really like how Slott has used the ‘Nobody Dies’ theme, he’s questioning it here, and showing the mental toll it’s having on Peter. The other nice development in this issue was the way Slott used both MJ and Carlie, proving how just because Spider-Man is single, his ex-girlfriends can still play a big part in his life. Camuncoli and Janson once again combined nicely on art, I really liked how their take on Mary Jane was very reminiscent of Romita Snr’s. As for the Lizard himself, I’m very interested in where this character is going, will he be stuck in Curt Connors’ body but with the Lizard’s mind? So yeah, ignore the fact that this arc is blatantly screaming ‘hey casual fans of movies! Buy the comic too!’ and you’ll have a damn good time, Amazing Spider-Man is still on a roll.

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