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America's Got Powers #3 (Like most of the male population Sp

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Postby Punchy » Mon Aug 27, 2012 10:59 am

Jonathan Ross and Bryan Hitch’s story has already become more than the Reality TV show satire many of us worried it would be, this book is not really about the Reality TV aspect, but much more to do with politics, and how the government and the military attempt to take new weaponry and technology such as these superpowered kids under control. It’s a lot more ambitious than I certainly expected, and all the better for it. This issue expands the scope of the series, as we see just what it is that the Sarah Palin lookalike is up to, and are also introduced to a group of superpowered teens who are living outside of the system, as they attempt to recruit Tommy to their side. The ending of the issue was also very interesting, it looks like Tommy can also give powers to other people. Very intriguing. Bryan Hitch’s artwork was very good, it looks like he’s back to his best, and as I said, this story is much more interesting than the title suggests, this is a real 2010s century superhero comic.

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