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Aquaman #3 (Humans Or Dogs, It's all Spoilers to them)

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Staff Writer

Postby Punchy » Sat Nov 26, 2011 8:32 am

I once again rolled my eyes at the typical Geoff Johns father issues and the clichéd attempts to make Mera cool, but other than that, this was damn good. Johns is doing a good job of developing Aquaman’s world and back-story, and along with introducing Stephen Shin, there’s a hint of a mystery around how Aquaman got his trident. Johns is always laying down plot-pipes like this, but I hope he doesn’t take too long to get around to answering some of these questions. The art from Ivan Reis was great as always, but I do think this book would be improved if Aquaman was still rocking those awesome sideburns like he is in Justice League.
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Outhouse Drafter

Postby Grayson » Sat Nov 26, 2011 4:58 pm

Another fantastic issue of Aquaman! While I have never had a problem with the character and have always sort of enjoyed him, I honestly never thought that an Aquaman solo title would consistently be in my top 10 books each month. Johns is really going the extra mile in his attempt to reinvigorate Arthur.
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Tyr Stormbringer

Rain Partier

Postby Tyr Stormbringer » Sat Nov 26, 2011 7:22 pm

Yeah I am loving this book so far. It is in my top 3 favorite DCnU books along with Batman and The Flash.
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Postby oogy » Sun Nov 27, 2011 1:19 pm

Good book but I wish it would pick up the pace a bit, and I'm feeling that way about many of the DCnu books.
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Outhouse Editor

Postby DeadFett » Mon Nov 28, 2011 12:33 am

I tried this book when the DCnu hit mostly because Reis was on art. I've been pleasantly surprised how much I'm enjoying it. It's behind Batman as my second favorite DC book.
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Postby ThatGuyRoman » Mon Nov 28, 2011 3:40 am

Yeah, feels like this could have all been told in 1.5 issues instead of 3 but I'm enjoying an Aquaman comic for the first time in ... ever, so I'm going to just sit back and see how long the ride lasts.
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Staff Writer

Postby IvCNuB4 » Mon Nov 28, 2011 11:28 am

Likewise, I'm really liking this title. The art is beautiful. The plot is a bit slow but I'm enjoying the characterization and flashbacks to Orin and his dad. I don't think it's forced at all. Mera has been cool since Blackest Night and so far, her "screen-time" has been as a supporting player. Hoping she gets more action and fighting soon 8)

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