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Aquaman #20 ("Lightning Beings" Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Fri May 24, 2013 12:19 pm

Given that there’s a 60-page issue of Green Lantern and also a Justice League out on the same day as this Aquaman, I can forgive Geoff Johns for wanting a little time off from Atlantis and giving us a fill-in. This issue is written by the legendary John Ostrander and drawn by Manuel Garcia, and features the return of ‘The Others’, Aquaman’s, well, his other superhero team.

I found these characters very interesting when Johns introduced them last year, and it was cool to get a solo story for them and to find out a little bit more about them. I was especially intrigued by The Operative and the woman he was speaking to. Is his Grandson not actually his Grandson? If so, he is one shady dude (especially if it was him breaking into the Batcave in Justice League #19). The main plot here involves the introduction of a new member to the team, and the successor to Kahina, who was killed by Black Manta. Sky Alchesay is a Native American who can speak to the spirits, which is kind of clichéd I suppose, but Ostrander writes her well. It was interesting to find out that Ya’Wara was in love with Kahina. It was implied before that she and Aquaman had a thing going, but hey, I guess she’s a bi-sexual character. Is this a first for DC?

I thought the way Ostrander established Sky in the space of one issue at the same time as showcasing The Others and fitting in some action was well done, these old-school guys know about economy of storytelling! This was a solid issue, one which expands the world of Aquaman in a few interesting ways. I’m certainly interested in The Others more now. I just hope DC don’t shoot their wad and give them an ongoing too soon, they work better as supporting players for Aquaman.

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