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Avengers Arena #11 (Shark Steak Dance Party Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Thu Jun 27, 2013 10:34 am

This was an odd, but nonetheless enjoyable issue of Avengers Arena. Rather than picking up where #10 left off and the shocking death of Nico, Hopeless instead treats us to Reptil and Hazmat chilling out on the beach, eating shark-meat and dancing. It was simultaneously a nice break from the constant, grim action of this book, but also very disconcerting. Especially when you discover the reason why Hazmat is acting so cheerfully. She’s basically done a mini Matt Murdock, and snapped. She’s tired of everything being so dark and so is going to act positively.

I think this is a very interesting direction, and it’s very clever of Hopeless to show how Murder World is taking it’s toll on the participants who are still alive. This is a bleak situation and he’s not afraid to show the consequences. Rather than just being a dance party, the heroes that Nico teleported away show up on the beach, and I thought it was very effective to have them be angry at Reptil and Hazmat for not coming to help them. We may think of what they did as smart, but if they had been there, maybe Juston and Nico and everyone else could have survived? In the end, after some serious discussions and some powerful dialogue, particularly between Reptil and Hazmat, everyone has joined forces and is going off to try and take out Katy once and for all. I expect some serious fireworks next issue, but it’s important to remember, what happens if they do kill Katy? The game is still on…

Riccardo Burchielli once again provides the art for this issue, and he does his usual excellent job, it’s great to see him graduate from Vertigo to Marvel superhero stuff, and prove adept at both types of story.

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