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Avengers Assemble #16 (Buzzy brood bastards Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Thu Jun 13, 2013 9:20 am

I’m picking up this title for the duration of the ‘Enemy Within’ crossover its’ having with Captain Marvel, and on the basis of this issue, it was a good decision. This was a really fun and enjoyable superhero comic that displayed everything that’s great about Kelly Sue DeConnick’s writing, which is her sense of humour and dialogue. This issue continues the attacks on Captain Marvel from her old nemesis, Yon-Rogg and it’s becoming increasingly clear that he is bringing back threats from her past. In this case, it’s The Brood.

Cap and the Avengers take on The Brood in a fight full of funny moments. I loved Spider-Woman saying the fight was worse than High School, and then being corrected by Carol that she never actually went to high school, she was raised in a Hydra Camp. It was a fun way too use continuity and make it light. DeConnick’s mid-battle ‘banter’ is up there with the Bendis’ of this world, and it’s just a shame that Spider-Man wasn’t there, I bet she’d do a great job writing him, even in his Superior form. You can see why this is the book marketed towards movie fans, you can spot the Whedon influences.

Also funny was the sub-plot showing Yon-Rogg attempting to get in contact with his Kree brethren, not only is he put on hold, but is rejected in his plans to conquer Earth. It was very funny to see the bureaucracy of an alien race like this. The artwork here comes from Matteo Buffagni, who I’m not familiar with, but his cartoonish style fit the tone of the story really well. The plots from Yon-Rogg (AKA Magnitron) and the lesion in Captain Marvel’s head may be dark stuff, but DeConnick’s dialogue always keeps things entertaining. My only real negative would be that this issue didn’t really advance the story too much, that the (inconsequential) fight with The Brood took too long, but hey, when an inconsequential fight is this much fun, then I don’t mind. Next issue brings a Kree Sentry into the mix! That should be good.

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