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Avengers: The Enemy Within (Wee little arms Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Thu May 16, 2013 9:34 am

This was basically an issue of Captain Marvel, and whilst I’m not quite sure this story deserves a crossover, this was a good comic and a good starting off-point. And besides, it’s very cool that Captain Marvel is at the heart of an Avengers event, she’s A-List now!

The story opens with Captain Marvel and Spider-Woman searching for Grandma Rose, one of Cap’s supporting cast who has gone missing. I really enjoyed the dialogue in this scene, the way Spider-Woman kept joking around and needling with Cap was very enjoyable, I really like their relationship, it feels like a real friendship. Of course, we as readers know that this disappearance of Rose is down to Yonn-Rogg, and he has more up his sleeves, as Captain Marvel and Spider-Woman are attacked by ‘The Grapplers’ a team of lady wrestlers who became super-villains. I assume this is from Marvel Two-In-One or something. This is a fun fight, especially as it focuses on Carol’s inability to fly and on the lesion in her brain. It’s clear that Yon-Rogg really has a great master-plan going on.

And then, Captain Marvel and Thor team-up to fight some dinosaurs! It’s as goofy fun as it sounds, and I really liked DeConnick’s use of Thor here, it was surprisingly very funny, and I like my Thor to be funny, like the movie. In fact, this whole issue really shows Kelly-Sue DeConnick’s strengths as a writer, the funny dialogue, the ability to reference comics history and pop culture effectively, and a knack of making the ridiculous not quite so dumb.

The art for this issue comes from Scott Hepburn, who I’m not familiar with, but I like his style, it reminds me of Rafael Sandoval from Incredible Hercules or the Ultimate Doom trilogy, angular and cartoonish, but not quite at Humberto Ramos levels. This was an exciting opening to this story, with plenty of action but also real human stakes for Carol, I’m in, I’m even going to pick up Avengers Assemble!

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