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Avengers A.I. #8 (I will crush all laptops Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Thu Jan 09, 2014 2:44 pm

After last issue’s Inhumanity interlude, Sam Humphries knuckles down right back into the meat of the ongoing Avengers Vs Dimitrios story with another very enjoyable issue that not only continues to burst with cool new ideas about A.I., but also brings some more of the wider Marvel Universe in. With Captain America involved, everything feels just that little bit more important.

We begin inside The Diamond, with Victor Mancha and his new friend Gibson about to be attacked by some of Dimitrios’ goons. Victor is forced to jump off the edge of a cliff, but he saves himself by realising that The Diamond is artificial, if he believes he can fly… he can fly. This was a cool moment and I’m guessing Victor’s hyperactive imagination could go on to play a big part in eventually defeating Dimitrios. Dimitrios himself appears in this issue in the midst of a long conversation with his sister, Alexis, as he explains a bit more of his plans. Dimitrios wants to talk to his creator, and he doesn’t mean Hank Pym, he means God. Dimitrios’ plan is basically to wipe out humanity to save the planet, and also so he can try and talk to God, which is all kinds of mental. We also get a brief glimpse at another of his and Alexis’ siblings, known as ‘Eton The Gardener’, it’s going to be interesting to see what Eton is like, along with all of the other original A.I.s.

Back in the ‘real’ world, after winning his battle with Dimitrios, Vision now knows the location of every server that is hosting The Diamond, so he heads off into space to examine each and every one of them with his nanobots and try and find the weakest one to serve as the Avengers’ entry point. I think one of my favourite aspects of this series is what Humphries is doing with The Vision and his powers, and how they keep on changing and he keeps on doing something new. Vizh finds a weak point, and Pym prepares to go into The Diamond, rescue Victor and stop Dimitrios.

Present in Hank’s lab are two members of another Avengers group, Captain America and Rogue (this issue takes place before she was gloriously and brutally killed off in Uncanny Avengers a few weeks ago, so it was weird to see her again, but kind of cool). Cap fills Hank in about the change in attitude from SHIELD, and about the new law classifying A.I. as property, which understandably pisses Hank off, and to make things worse, Cap even starts to question his mental state, particularly about his use of Doombot (who is, as ever, hilarious, so many great one-liners).

But before the two founder Avengers can really get arguing, they are interrupted by Cannonball with a distress signal as people across America are rioting. Why are they rioting? Well, it’s all down to Dimitrios. He created an App that locates cheap gasoline, and then blew up a series of Oil Refineries, creating a shortage. With everyone using his App, he is able to combine it with Psycho-Man’s technology and cause panic and global chaos. It’s a pretty clever plan and one which makes full use of Dimitrios’ position as an A.I. villain, he’s doing things slightly outside the box. Because time moves differently inside The Diamond, the only way to stop Dimitrios before the world is engulfed in riots is to go inside it, so Pym, Doombot, Vision, Rogue and Cap all ‘jack in’ and head into the virtual world, in a sequence that allows Andre Araujo to really cut loose with some cool visuals, he really is the perfect artist for this book and it’s tone.

So, now everybody is inside The Diamond, the Avengers are immediately set upon by Dimitrios’ goons, and Victor is faring no better, as he and Gibson are captured by an anti-Dimitrios group. The next issue should be crazy!
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Stephen Day

Wrasslin' Fan

Postby Stephen Day » Tue Jan 14, 2014 7:35 pm

I think my favourite moment of this issue was seeing Doombot's different virtual bodies.

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