Avenging Spider-Man #2 (New York Diplomacy Spoilers)

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Avenging Spider-Man #2 (New York Diplomacy Spoilers)

Postby Punchy » Fri Dec 09, 2011 12:06 pm

Not much happened in this issue, but what did was a hell of a good time. Zeb Wells’ take on J. Jonah Jameson is goddamn hilarious and the relationship between Spider-Man and Red Hulk is interesting, they make for a good contrast, the serious Military man and the goofy wise-cracker, it’s a bit like Spider-Man’s relationship with Captain America, except if Cap was a dick. Joe Mad’s artwork was once again really great and Wells gave him some awesome monsters to draw, and does he draw the definitive Moloid? I think so. Speaking of Moloids, they’re having a rough time of it at the moment, evolved against their wills in FF, slaughtered by the Banner Twins in Incredible Hulk and now this! Poor little yellow dudes. I haven’t looked at the digital version of this issue yet, is the experiment working for you?


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Re: Avenging Spider-Man #2 (New York Diplomacy Spoilers)

Postby The Shadow » Sat Dec 10, 2011 2:20 am

For $3.99 I'm not finding the enjoyment level as high as I want.

I'm finishing out the arc and then dropping.

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