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Axel Alonso Speaks on Absurd Marvel Numbering System, Takes Shots at DC

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Mad Hatter

Postby RoosterHardwood » Sun Apr 27, 2014 1:43 am

Chessack wrote:
Also notice that his main focus is can he sell the logic to the retailers... what the CUSTOMERS think is not on his radar. That's because once the retailer buys the comic, Marvel's money is made. If the retailer sits on a huge stack of unsolds, it's not Axel's problem (at least not immediately).

So what he's really saying is, if he thinks the retailer can understand what is going on, he's going to do it and trust the retailers to take the time and effort to explain the system to the customer.

I did notice that, and it's telling that this is all he's focusing on during an interview meant to be read by said customers.

Maybe it's time to do away with this archaic system of 'numbers' altogether. Just call every comic Spider-Man #1 and let God sort it out.

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