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Batwing #9 (Compromise Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Sun May 06, 2012 2:15 pm

From Black Superman to Black Batman! Who says comics are too narrow-minded? In this issue the events of Batman impact everyone’s favourite heavily-armoured bat-dude as he’s attacked by one of those pesky Talons. And it’s not just any Talon, the flashbacks in this issue showed that he was one of the toughest Talons out there. I liked this issue even though it was a pretty inconsequential event tie-in, it was cool to see Batwing fight the Talon, I like seeing the character heavily involved with the rest of the Bat-family. It was also good to see Lucius Fox show up here, he’s always been one of my favourite Gotham supporting characters. It was also cool how Winick made sure the battle had a connection for Batwing, he wasn’t just fighting the Talon for the sake of it, but it involved a corrupt politician from his home country. The page where he elbowed that asshole in the face was a great moment. Marcus To took over on art with this issue and I think he did a very good job, his work is clean and clear and the action was very well-choreographed.

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