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Batwing #11 (Greedy Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Sun Jul 08, 2012 8:15 am

A rather disjointed issue really, with two separate plots that didn’t really link together well. Hopefully it will turn out that the Penguin sold his Nuke to ‘Lord Battle’ and that the two stories are connected, but maybe not. I once again enjoyed the team-up between Batwing and Nightwing, they worked well together, and it’s cool to see the notion of Batman Inc show up outside of Morrison’s book. The stuff with Matu Ba’s family and Tundi and Lord Battle was a bit of an info-dump, but I am interested in the mystery over Tundi’s oil supplies, it’s great that the scale of this book is so big, Batman is often way too focused on Gotham, so it’s cool to see a Bat-character really go International. Speaking of International, the JLI are going to show up next month! That should be cool, the concept is living on despite the book’s cancellation, and of course, Judd Winick wrote the hell out of most of that team in Generation Lost, so I’m expecting big things.

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