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Black Science #5 (You're not my mom Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Sun Apr 06, 2014 7:44 am

Another great issue of Black Science, and one that really increases the scope of the series. I don’t mean in terms of setting, because Remender has a whole fucking multiverse to play with here, but in terms of the characters, and their relationships.

After a brief opening sequence with Kadir complaining about Grant (is it just me, or is the initial ‘Grant is good, Kadir is bad’ viewpoint looking increasingly simplistic? Both of them are tools, and Kadir might actually be the lesser of 2 evils) the main story involves Grant telling his kids that they are about to try the Pillar again in a few hours, and to get ready. But before they can, the mysterious masked man who teleported in last issue shows up, knocks out Shawn and kidnaps the kids.

Grant gives chase, and knocks of the mask, revealing the man to be… Grant McKay!?! It’s an older, more battle-scarred Grant, who has followed our versions of these characters, along with his wife, to try and rescue the children. It turns out that when this Grant activated his Pillar, it exploded, killing their kids, and since then, he and his team have been going through the Eververse and trying to stop other versions of Grant McKay and his team from damaging things, and, most importantly, trying to save the different versions of the children. It turns out that it’s pretty much a constant that Pia and Nathan end up dead, which is pretty dark stuff. Maybe Grant should just let them take his kids away? Nah, that would be ridiculous, and besides, the children are intelligent enough to know that these aren’t their real parents.

Grant is able to save them, and force these alternate versions of himself and his wife to leave. But before they do, the other Grant tells our Grant who the Pillar saboteur was. It was Kadir. It’s apparently always Kadir, and he’s a real danger to the kids.

Grant and the kids arrive back at the Pillar just in time, and as they transport, Grant socks Kadir right in the mouth. But it seems like there’s something different about this universe’s characters, as when confronted about sabotaging the Pillar, Kadir says it wasn’t him… it was Rebecca. Is this true? If it is, then everything the other Grant says can be dismissed. Or is he lying? Grant doesn’t really stop to think about these issues, and instead leaps at Kadir, and they both begin to fall into a hollowed-out mountain full of creepy white monkey-men. These last 2 issues have mostly been about fleshing out the characters in a relatively safe universe, but now we’re back to the crazy weirdness, I can’t wait to see what the deal is with these Monkeys.

Matteo Scalera’s art was once again excellent, I kind of skipped over the actiony, chase scenes earlier, but they were well-drawn, with great pacing and a nice variety of funky looking aliens. I also liked how he made the 2 Grant McKay’s look similar but different.
I think this was the best issue of this book so far, I hadn’t even considered there being other versions of our main characters out there doing the same thing, but it makes total sense, and I love that Remender got to it so early, and that he used it to really explode the plot.

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