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Black Widow #5 (S.O.L. Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Fri Apr 04, 2014 10:04 am

It’s really cool to see this title step up and start telling stories that last longer than just 1 issue. This issue picks up from where #4 left off and ends on a heck of a cliffhanger. I enjoy done-in-one stories fine, but really, there’s nothing like the wait between issues for a continuing epic.

Nathan Edmondson begins just outside Paris, with Black Widow meeting up with a fellow spy for Intel on the mysterious Russian Monk who caused all of that trouble last issue. Her source, a French woman named Tori Raven tells her as much as she knows about Molot Boga, and also that his next target is blowing up a Plane at Gatwick Airport in the UK. Natasha heads to Gatwick, but she’s almost too late, she manages to distract Boga enough that he doesn’t outright blow up the Plane, but he clips the wing, and it crashes to the ground. Throughout the issue, Black Widow’s narration was about intelligence, the value of it, and the different ways it can be obtained. Natasha gained the knowledge of Boga’s whereabouts through peaceful means, but perhaps if she had used violence, she could have stopped him altogether.

Widow and Boga fight in the wreckage of the crashed Plane, and once again, Phil Noto’s art is absolutely awesome, this book just looks so good. I will say that the last few pages of the issue did look a bit rushed, but still great. Boga is eventually defeated by being sucked into the plane’s propellor, Syndrome from The Incredibles style, which was cool.

Widow rushes to the plane to try and save the passengers, but there’s only one of them, which is very strange indeed. SHIELD can’t get anything out of this man, so Maria Hill sends Widow in for a try at interrogation. She’s able to get him to talk a little, but before he can say much at all, he starts frothing at the mouth and dies. Whoever is behind Boga is certainly one powerful bastard.

Natasha meets up with Tori Raven once again, who sends her in the direction of Montenegro, and a boat floating just off the coast. The mysterious black helicopter that Boga escaped in last issue has been spotted on board. Black Widow drops in, but is soon captured, and led to the man in charge, who turns out to be Damon Dran, a supervillain once known as ‘The Indestructible Man’. He’s not looking that indestructible right now though, as he’s inside a Hyperbaric Chamber. Dran orders that Black Widow be tortured, and that’s where the issue ends. Widow is in way over her head here, and it’s because of bad Intel really. Has Tori Raven screwed her over? This issue is called ‘For The Birds’ for a reason I suppose.

For as much as I said Noto’s last few pages were rushed, the final splash-page, with the Black Widow logo super-imposed over everything was just awesome.

This title really is moving into another gear now, we’ve got continuing stories, and now a proper supervillain. I imagine a lot of people will exist the Cinema after seeing Captain America: The Winter Soldier itching for more of Black Widow as she is awesome in the film, and they can look no further than this series, it’s great.
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Stephen Day

Wrasslin' Fan

Postby Stephen Day » Sun Apr 06, 2014 1:32 pm

I was sad to see Molot Bolga get killed. I would have liked to have seen him get added as a more permanent part of Natasha's rogues gallery.

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