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FF #18 (Buttkicking 101 Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Fri Jun 01, 2012 11:22 am

This was an issue of two halves for me, I liked one plot and didn’t like the other. Let’s start positively (ironic because this issue is about the Negative Zone) and talk about what I did like, which was the field trip Johnny Storm took the kids on, a story that was just a lot of fun. From the opening with Johnny trying to be a teacher and failing, to the fake-out of their not being a massive cosmic space battle but instead free and democratic elections, and then finally, the revelation of who won those elections… it was just great, it was funny, it found a way to comment on what’s been going on in the real world, and it set us up for some exciting new stories with Annihilus back at the helm. Now for the bad news, I really didn’t like the stuff with the Franklins and the Kree, it picked up on a story that had kind of been dropped for months and I imagine most people had forgotten about, and it was also full of cryptic rubbish about future developments for Black Bolt, I just didn’t care. Good art from Nick Dragotta throughout though, and I suppose I did once say that it’s always awesome when Black Bolt speaks, so there’s that.

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