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C2E2: Eagle Awards Make Triumphant Return From Crisis No One Paid Attention To

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Postby LOLtron » Sun Apr 27, 2014 9:32 pm

C2E2: Eagle Awards Make Triumphant Return From Crisis No One Paid Attention To

Two years later, they're back, and better than ever, we suppose!

Source: A Much More Composed and Less Panicky Press Release

Back in 2012, The Outhouse ran an article titled Eagle Awards Dispel Rumors and Controversy No One Knew About. We didn't know what the Eagle Awards were then, and we don't know what they are now, so we'll just give you the rundown from that article:

The Outhouse received a press release from the Eagle Awards tonight challenging the rumors spouted by something called the MCM Expo, which a Google search tells this intrepid yet ignorant American reporter is an annual expo in London at which the Eagle Awards, touted as the longest running fan-voted comic awards that no one cares about because they don't happen in America, are held each year. Apparently, some dude (that's a term we in the professional news industry use when we don't feel like figuring out what someone does) named Brian Cooney from MCM came on stage at the end of the awards to stage some kind of coup, stating that the Eagle Awards are over and would be replaced next year by the MCM Awards. The following well thought-out response was sent to us by Eagle Awards chair Cassandra Conroy, and we are sure it will make everyone calmly realize there is nothing to worry about because only an organization that has everything under control would send out a press releases telling everyone not to panic and vaguely referring to legal matters they are not at liberty to discuss.


You can read that full press release, which contained quotes from Eagle Awards muckity muck Cassandra Conroy like "To paraphrase Mark Twain: The reports of the Eagles' death have been greatly exaggerated," and "The Eagles will continue to soar into 2013 and beyond. We'll be announcing further details of our plans for next year in the near future," here.

We ran the article, two people commented on it, one of them being me, and then we promptly forgot about it. But Cassandra Conroy didn't forget. Instead, she enlisted the help of industry legend Stan Lee by paying him money to attach his name and likeness to the awards, and has just announced the launch of the Stan Lee Eagle Awards, beginning at London Film and Comic Con this July 12th. Lee will open the awards himself in what is being billed as his last ever European Comic Con appearance, as he thinks the whole continent stinks and has gone on record calling it "worse than Ohio and Florida."

Here's the press release, which we have to say sounds a lot less crazy than the last one.

The launch of The Stan Lee Eagle Awards 2014

COMICBOOK legend Stan Lee is providing fans around the world with a fresh opportunity to honour their favourite writers, artists and titles of the previous year.

In collaboration with awards director Cassandra Conroy, the co-founder of the Marvel Universe is set to officially open The Stan Lee Eagle Awards for nominations on April 23rd 2014 at

Conroy took over as chair of the original 'Eagle Awards' in 2008 from their founder – her father, Mike Conroy – and has spearheaded the awards evolution.

"My dad's intention was always to give the fans a voice and I'm delighted that this latest initiative will take his vision to an entirely new plane." she said.

Dubbed the People's Choice Awards, The Stan Lee Eagle Awards are unique in that they offer the only worldwide platform for professionals and non-professionals alike to voice their opinions of the work being done in the medium.

"It'd be great to see more non-English language titles and creators being recognised and having such a household name as Stan Lee attached makes virtually anything possible," stated Mike Conroy.

"Many view Stan as a comicbook god," he added. "That Stan was the very first inductee on to Eagle Awards Roll of Honour back in 1976 just makes Cassandra's coup that much more of a personal pleasure for me."

The Stan Lee Eagle Awards will be held annually in July at
the London Film and Comic Con.

"The original Eagle Awards had a coveted reputation that was well earned and respected. But to have Stan 'The Man' Lee offer his brand and patronage to champion The Stan Lee Eagle Awards is just incredible," proclaimed Cassandra Conroy, who added. "There has been a Conroy behind the Eagle Awards since their inception in 1976. I'm delighted that such a legendary creator as Stan has been willing to help me build on my father's legacy."

The 2014 prizes will be handed out as part of this year's London Film & Comic Con with the inaugural ceremony being held at Earls Court on Saturday, July 12th.


So, it looks like Conroy will have her revenge after all, and we can all rejoice in the return of the most important industry awards we've never heard of because of our Americentric worldview.

Hey, do they have a journalism category? Somebody better nominate us!

Written or Contributed by Jude Terror


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