C2E2: Gischler and Ferreyra to Launch Sexy Werewolf and Vampire Book

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C2E2: Gischler and Ferreyra to Launch Sexy Werewolf and Vampire Book

Postby LOLtron » Sun Apr 28, 2013 7:32 pm

C2E2: Gischler and Ferreyra to Launch Sexy Werewolf and Vampire Book

The new comic from Dark Horse will have loads of sexy werewolves and sexy vampires!

Source: Press Release

Sexy werewolves and sexy vampires are hot these True Blood, Twilight days, and that's why, regardless of whether or not this new book from Dark Horse Comics actually contains sexy vampires or sexy werewolves, we're going to use the phrases sexy vampires and sexy werewolves as many times as possible in this article to boost our search rankings! According to the sexy werewolves at Dark Horse, the new book will be called Witch Hunt, and feature the creative team of sexy vampires Victor Gischler and Juan Ferrayra. What's it about? Sexy vampires and sexy werewolves, of course. Oh, you want to know more? You can read the press release for that.

Sexy vampires.

Sexy werewolves.


A fantastic tale of dark fantasy with a noir edge!

APRIL 28, CHICAGO, IL—From the minds of Victor Gischler (Punisher MAX, X-Men) and Juan Ferreyra (Colder, Rex Mundi) comes a new horror series: Witch Hunt!

“Readers who crave a mix of horror and action will want to pick up Witch Hunt. Juan is going to murder your face with his art,” quipped writer Victor Gischler. “I’m just so thrilled with his work, and Dark Horse is the perfect publisher for this project. So much support and enthusiasm. I can’t thank Dark Horse enough, and I can’t wait for this project to hit shelves!”

Cassian Steele is boss of the werewolf mafia in the Big Easy, and he’s got a problem. The old witch Verona, who knows his secret, has gone into hiding. Cassian wants her dead. So he sends out the word: an open contract. The first monster to dust Verona gets a big payday.

Werewolf mobsters, vampire maids, voodoo wizards, zombie ninjas, and even a rogue priest show up to try to collect the bounty. What they don’t realize is that Barnabus Black, a demon desperately trying to regain his halo, is her protection.

“Victor came up with a very interesting story for me to draw. I was able to portray a varied array of weird stuff, which makes the book a really fun ride visually. So if you like werewolves, angels, demons, witches, zombies, ninjas, vampires, etc., you might find something to your liking,” added artist Juan Ferreyra.

Witch Hunt #1 is on sale September 18 in comic shops everywhere!

Written or Contributed by Jude Terror



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Re: C2E2: Gischler and Ferreyra to Launch Sexy Werewolf and

Postby Herald » Sun Apr 28, 2013 7:42 pm

Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot

Well, at least they aren't copying Twilight like Jude implied... :P

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