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Cable And X-Force #18 (Throat Tazed Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Thu Jan 09, 2014 2:50 pm

This issue sees the start of the ‘Vendetta’ crossover that will eventually lead to the two X-Force titles merging into one book. It’s a pretty simple set-up for a crossover, and one that makes a lot of sense, and even though I’ve not been reading Uncanny X-Force, only this book, I really enjoyed this issue and am excited to see what happens next.

As I said, the set-up is pretty simple, and builds from the previous Cable series where Cable and Hope were chased across time by Bishop, who believed that Hope, rather than being the Mutant Messiah, was actually the cause of the particular dystopian future he was from. During that series, Bishop went full-on bad guy, killing loads and loads of people. Since then, he’s come back, lost his memories and joined Uncanny X-Force in secret in some stories I haven’t read.

In this issue, everything is set into motion by a) Bishop discovering his heinous crimes and b) Hope finding out that her own personal bogey-man is alive and well in the present, and a member of an X-Team. Understandably pissed, she races off to try and kill Bishop. Hot on her tails is Cable, who doesn’t want his daughter to become a cold-hearted killer and plans on killing Bishop himself. Hope attacks Bishop, but before they can really throw down… Stryfe shows up and kidnaps them both! Yep, Cable’s evil clone is back, and he’s even more dangerous than ever because he still has the powers that Cable lost. I have no idea what kind of plans Stryfe has, but I can bet it will be crazy and confusing but still kind of great.

Unfortunately for Cable, as soon as Stryfe winks away with Hope and Bishop, the Uncanny X-Force team shows up wanting to know where Bishop went, and the fight is on!
This was a very enjoyable comic, that made good use of continuity to set up a crossover that feels necessary for once and makes sense. Hopeless’ dialogue is good as always, particularly for Boom-Boom, who is just ridiculous and hilarious. The artwork from Angel Unzueta was solid as well, although it does suffer in comparison to the cover from Ramon Perez.

As I mentioned, I don’t read Uncanny X-Force, so I’m not sure if I’m going to pick up those issues of this crossover, I guess it depends on my budget on a given week. But yeah, whilst I’m sad to see this title leave, it’s going out on a high note and my interest in the new combined X-Force title has definitely increased.

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