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Cable And X-Force #17 (Totally opossuming Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Thu Dec 12, 2013 2:50 pm

With this being the last issue before the ‘Vendetta’ crossover that is set to merge the X-Forces, Dennis Hopeless wraps up his plots in a pretty effective manner.

The main issue here is of course, Forge, whose body has been taken over by The Adversary. The troubles facing Cable and Hope (Reavers) and Colossus and Domino (an avalanche) are all resolved pretty easily in the end, but the real trouble is back at base.
The Adversary is in full control of Forge’s body, but luckily, X-Force’s base is made of steel, which is the Adversary’s one weakness (what a lame weakness, who does he think he is? Alan Scott?) and he can’t escape to unleash his reality-altering powers on the wider world. He is trying though, as he’s attacking Boom Boom in ways that seem weak, in order to make her blow up the steel. To make matters worse, Doctor Nemesis made his way into Forge’s mind without a real escape route, the only way to get out is to pull a lever in the real world. Nemesis and Forge are able to talk to Boom Boom, and she does eventually manage to pull the lever, and it works really well. Not only does it pull Nemesis out of Forge’s body and into his own, but it also removes both Forge’s consciousness and the Adversary’s too! You might think this would lead to the Adversary just taking over Nemesis’ body too, but nope, his strength of mind is too much, and he locks up the Adversary in a mind-cube or something.

I do think it’s a little weird that Doctor Nemesis was able to defeat Forge’s arch-nemesis so easily, but I suppose it make some sort of sense, and it’s cool to see that he can actually back up some of his egotistical claims. So, Forge is back to normal, and the day is saved. This was a pretty solid wrap-up to a decent story, but at this point, it does feel a bit like Hopeless is playing out the string before Spurrier can launch his new book.

I don’t know if I’ll read the crossover, as I don’t read the other X-Force, and if I don’t, this is my farewell to Cable And X-Force, which has been a fun title with lots of great characters and moments.

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