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Captain Marvel #13 (Braavovian Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Thu Jun 20, 2013 10:39 am

The Enemy Within continues to be a very fun little crossover. Continuing on from Avengers Assemble #16, Carol is still struggling to work out just who the hell it is terrorising her life. DeConnick helpfully recaps it for us, and it’s a lot of fun seeing Carol go back and forth with her various supporting cast members. I said it last week about Avengers Assemble, but DeConnick is really good at making her dialogue sparkle with humour. What could have just been a shit-load of exposition was actually very entertaining. I also really enjoyed her use of Bruce Banner here.

But this issue wasn’t just Captain Marvel sitting around talking, there’s also the small matter of a load of Kree Sentinels popping up across the world and causing trouble. It was a bit odd how one minute Captain Marvel was in her corridor about to find out who the mystery man is, and the next flying a Quinjet in Brazil, we could have used a page that showed her being told to leave, but whatever, the fight was good. In the end, Carol finds out what we the readers have known, that the big bad here is Yonn-Rogg, and what’s most interesting to me is that it looks like his Sentries are forming a version of Captain Marvel’s star by their positions. That’s a ballsy way too call someone out, make no mistake.

So now that Carol knows, we’re onto the next stage of this story, I’m expecting a good conclusion! Scott Hepburn’s art was once again really good, and I liked how Jordie Bellaire coloured it here to, it was different from his last issue, but better. Just a shame the fill-in pages by Gerardo Sandoval were so incongruous.

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