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Captain Marvel #1 (The best pilot we've got Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Fri Mar 14, 2014 12:48 pm

Kelly Sue DeConnick’s much acclaimed Captain Marvel series returns with a new artist, a new status quo for the character, and some surprising new personal developments for Carol Danvers.

The issue kicks off with an intriguing opening scene that drops the readers right into the unknown, as we see Captain Marvel in deep space with a team of aliens (there’s a robot dude, a centaur, a green girl and what looks to me like a Shi’ar) at a market, looking for something and on the run from the Spartax Police. Things quickly go wrong, and there’s a fight with a police, and Carol loses track of her green friend, who’s name is ‘Tic’. We have no idea what’s going on, and we’re not really supposed to, as the rest of the issue flashes back 6 weeks to begin to show us just how Cap ended up in space with a bunch of weirdoes.

It all started when Captain Marvel and Iron Patriot intercepted a mysterious meteor that fell from the sky, which turned out to be a pod containing the girl who we’ll come to know as Tic. This short scene was well done, as we see Carol’s impulsive side, as she throws the pod away without thinking, because it might be a bomb. We’re then back at Carol’s new apartment, which is of course the head of the Statue Of Liberty, a dumb idea that I really like. I’m surprised Superman never lived there before, but the fact that Captain Marvel does is just so fucking comics, and it does make her feel like a bigger deal than before. Carol has another one of those heart-to-heart conversations with her neighbour Kit, which I’m not really a fan of, Kit is just too impossibly angelic a kid character. We live in an age of Damian Waynes and Bentley-23s, kids like Kit don’t cut it anymore.

Iron Man this time shows up, so he can fill Cap in on the alien she found. Whilst he does, they team-up to stop a mugging, and this was just a great scene that showed just how powerful both characters are, they didn’t break a sweat here, and their conversation wasn’t interrupted at all as they stopped the crime. It turns out that Tic is a refugee from a planet that was destroyed by The Builders during Infinity, which is a cool bit of continuity. This team-up ends with Tony floating the idea to Cap about having a regular Avengers presence in space. He did it with the Guardians Of The Galaxy, and Jason Aaron has hinted that it’s in Thor’s future too, but at the moment, it’s Captain Marvel’s turn to head out into the stars. Of course, Tony doesn’t actually ask her, he instead tells her it should be Rhodey, who is of course, the better pilot. As Tony himself says, heh heh heh heh.

The issue ends with Carol taking her friend Tracy out on a flight in a jetplane for her Birthday, and she and the rest of the supporting cast throwing a party. I’m not hugely invested in these characters that DeConnick has created, but it was cool to see them get a bit of a spotlight before they (I assume) drop out of the book when Captain Marvel goes into space. Carol and Rhodey (who arranged for the terminally-ill Tracy to be allowed on a jet) exit the party for a minute and… it turns out they’re a couple! Yep, Captain Marvel and Iron Patriot, sitting in a tree, etc. I like this development quite a bit, and I think it makes sense, both characters are Air Force, they’re both Avengers, they both used to have codenames that had the word ‘War’ in them. I could go on. This could also be a sign of how they’ll use Captain Marvel in the Marvel Movies, she could be introduced as a colleague of Rhodey’s before she becomes a superhero. DeConnick writes the dialogue between them at the end well, I buy them as a couple for sure. Of course, much like the rest of Carol’s friends, we probably won’t be seeing Rhodey for a while, as she tells him she’s going off into space, and the issue ends with her doing just that.

I’m surprised this issue didn’t make more mention of Carol’s recent memory erasure, it’s hinted at, but not out stated. I guess it might be a bit confusing for new readers, which hopefully, there will be a lot of. To help those newbies, this issue ends with a brief recap of Cap’s origin story as told by Kit, and interestingly, it made no actual mention of the original Kree Captain Marvel. To me, this is probably another sign of how they’ll do a movie version, just have it be non-specific Alien tech, and not have it be a legacy type deal.

David Lopez is the new artist here, and I think he’s a good fit. He’s a bit more of a traditional superhero artist than the likes of Andrade and Soy, but that works for this story. His lines are clean, and he draws Cap very well, and manages to avoid cheesecake, which is important for a series like this. Overall, this was a strong opening issue, it carried on what worked for DeConnick before, but also added a lot of new stuff, which showed that this isn’t just a new #1 for no reason, this is a new era for Captain Marvel. A new life in space, a new boyfriend and more.

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