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Cataclysm: Ultimates Last Stand #3 (What madness is this? Sp

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Postby Punchy » Thu Jan 09, 2014 5:25 pm

Guys, I really don’t think the Ultimate Universe is ending and I still really don’t think that Miles Morales is moving to the 616. Everyone thought that the journey to that Universe in this event would be this huge thing, but it turns out it really wasn’t.

Miles and Evil Reed Richards cross over into the 616 (but not after Iron Man tells Miles that he should kill Reed if he does anything shifty), notice how the Baxter Building looks different, and break into the other Reed’s lab. They don’t even run into Scott Lang and the FF and have a fight, the whole building is empty, and Reed, once again fascinated by the similarities and differences between his lab and his counterpart’s is able to find the data on Galactus and put it on a memory stick. But then, some real emotional shit happens. We already had a scene where Evil Reed noticed a photo of the whole 616 Fantastic Four, complete with kids, but then he meets Valeria. She initially thinks he’s herd dad, but then quickly realises it isn’t and activates the security. Miles and Reed escape, and Miles inadvertently sics the FF HERBIEs onto the 616 Spider-Man in a very funny moment, as Miles feels guilty about messing with Peter Parker, only of course, it’s actually Otto Octavius. I was initially disappointed that we didn’t get a longer meeting between Miles and SpOck, but this was good enough.

Miles and Reed make it back to the Ultimate Universe, where they share what they know about Galactus, that he’s come here to eat the Earth, and that the other heroes couldn’t stop him. They discuss sending Galactus to another dimension, but then realise that would be wrong, and the issue ends with Reed revealing to Sue that he saw their daughter, and apologising for what he did. It really looks like this series is going to be the redemption of Ultimate Reed Richards, I think he’s going to sacrifice himself to save the world.

This series is in a really interesting place right now, there are only 2 issues left and nobody has any idea how to stop Galactus, I can’t wait to see what kind of crazy shit gets tried. And hey, didn’t the X-Men appear at the end of #2? Where were they in this issue? Lazy muties! Mark Bagley’s art was his usual excellence, he never lets you down. As I said, I have no idea where Bendis is going here, but I am enjoying the ride, we got a little mini-sequel to Spider-Man, and Reed Richards is being somewhat redeemed, I think it’s great that, even in amongst the huge scale of Galactus’ destruction, this story is really all about the characters.

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