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Postby rdrsfn82 » Thu Sep 18, 2008 5:10 pm

C20Percent wrote:The other books you mentioned -- 7 of which I read -- weren't part of a larger universe with established continuity. I can't justify spending $150 on a year long series -- inside of continuity -- if it doesn't have serious ramifications and consequences within the universe.

52 had that -- Countdown did not, and I regret purchasing that title. But, my feeling is that if Trinity is going to be ignored by those creators that steer the DC Universe, and I'm thinking of Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka, Peter Tomasi (to a certain extent), then it's not worth my time to invest in the book.

That's basically my feeling on Trinity -- there are a couple of other reasons why I decided to drop the book including 1) cutting costs and 2) being indifferent toward Kurt Buseik, but primarily the reason is that Countdown put me on edge -- I wasn't feeling Trinity in the first eight issues, and I dropped the book.

Like I said I think you have some good reasons, sure I see the book the opposite of you, but they are still good reasons for dropping it.

I just don't think a book having ramifications on the larger world is an important reason to read a book. Blue Beetle is off in it's own little corner and even when the Reach were threatening to destroy the Earth and the JLI guys showed up to help him out, it didn't crossover with the rest of the DCU. Same goes for Runaways (back when it was written by BKV and was great). It's just a thing I feel is inconsequential. A good story is a good story.

But like you said that wasn't the main reason you dropped it, you had other issues as well.

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