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4/8/09 -- Chappy's Blue Plate Specials -- le spoils!!

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Rain Partier

Postby chap22 » Fri Apr 10, 2009 10:17 am

and now, the rest of this week's pull:

Batman Confidential 28 -- this arc was just really great fun; Nowlan's inks complemented Garcia-Lopez's pencils much better in issues 2 and 3 than they did in the first part, and the story was a fun introduction to comics for laughable loon King Tut from the old TV show; DeFilippis & Weir kept enough of the crazy "i believe i'm Tut reincarnated" aspect (complete with od-school deathtraps :-D ) yet modernized him and made him at least mildly believable as dangerous too; and any scene which featured both Bats and the Riddler was gold...say what you want about the original Hush arc, but one good thing came out of it: Bat-writers have made consistent efforts ever since then to rejuvenate/reinvigorate Riddler as a presence in the Bat-universe, and i love that; i loved it

Booster Gold 19 -- a solid epilogue to Jurgens's first arc as writer/penciller, as Booster repairs time, Rip ensuresStarfire makes it to earth, Michelle vanishes into time somewhere (leading to our next arc), and we get a new blackboard; gorgeous art as usual, and the usual fun writing as well; loved it

Green Lantern 39
-- I'm generally digging Johns's overall direction with GL, and have from the beginning, but this issue raises some problems for me...really, Geoff? "hope" as a concept is completely foreign to Hal Jordan? a guy who spent years in service as the Spectre, working for an entity whose entire following is based on faith (which itself is like the half-brother of hope)? Hal's never hoped for anything? i ain't buying it, and it makes hal, at least for this one issue, as unlikable for me as he is for probably half the GL fanbase...other than that, though, pretty good issue, with the into of Larfleeze and the Orange Corps, more doings with those getting-dumber-by-the-issue Guardians, and nice art by Tan; liked it

Titans 12
-- I'll be damned...this actually didn't suck; it wasn't particularly good, either, but for this title, "not sucking" is a TREMENDOUS step in the right direction; the characterization finally felt real, the Titans themselves actually got pro-active for once, and there was less egregiously stupid stuff in the plot than normal; i did still have some problems (1. the team spends the last few pages faking a fight with Cyborg to draw Vigilante to them and trap him, and then when he shows up, he just out of nowhere sneaks up to point-blank range and blasts Vic in the face? really? great job, team...way to remain mostly incompetent...; 2. also, i'm just TIRED of Jericho...his "i'm hearing voices and i'm crazy" scene was fairly well-handled here, but i'm just sick to death of the character, it's time for the Titans to face NEW threats; and 3. i'm sorry, this may or may not be personal bias, but i REALLY just do not believe Roy is necessary to, or even fits well, with this cast...he never has; with Dick gone, the only people on the team he's EVER spent any time with are Wally and Donna, they're outnumbered by the W/P creations/additions who have no real attachment or connection to Roy, and he's the same personality type as Gar only less likable; i can't believe i'm saying this, but he fits better with the JLA than he does with this particular group of Titans); art was inconsistent, and the writing was as good as the plot would allow...if i were giving it a Starlord grade, i'd go solid C+...not showing off, not falling behind, which would make it EASILY the best issue of this series so far; i didn't hate it

Trinity 45
-- and this continues to get back to its former heights; the Trinitystomps the CSA big 3, Morgaine takes the villains to Krona and makes a deal, which looks real bad for Tarot, Sphere, and Enigma; more of the same great art, and the action has finally caught back up to it; i liked it
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Outhouse Editor

Postby misac » Fri Apr 10, 2009 10:45 am

Wishing I was buying the Batman Confidential arc.
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Rain Partier

Postby chap22 » Fri Apr 10, 2009 10:56 am

misac wrote:Wishing I was buying the Batman Confidential arc.

i'll say this for Confidential so far...when it's good (Bedard/Rags's Wrath arc, Nicieza/Maguire's Batgirl/Catwoman arc, and this King Tut one), it's really good. but when it's bad...woof. there's not much middle ground.

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