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Cincinnati To Replace All Football Players With Batmen This Sunday

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Postby LOLtron » Fri Nov 09, 2012 11:48 am

Cincinnati To Replace All Football Players With Batmen This Sunday

Finally, something good will happen at Paul Brown Stadium this season.

Source: Batmobiles making stop at Paul Brown Stadium

This Sunday, November 11th, before the average New York Giants defeat the horrible, and I mean horrible, Cincinnati Bengals in a game that was planned to pit professional football players against a pee-wee foosball team, the entire roster of the Cincinnati Bengals will be replaced by middle aged men dressed up as various Batmen (Batmans?) from the different television and film franchises. 

Although the event is being marketed as a chance to come to the game early to see a bunch of Batmobiles, the real reason for the event is to show the Bengals how playing a football game with an actual plan might work in their benefit.  There is no word yet on how Bengals’ coach, Marvin Lewis, reacted to the news, but one can assume that he began by wasting two challenges in the first quarter of his argument with team owner, Mike Brown, and then proceeded to totally blow it in the second half of the meeting.

The Bengals, who lost to the Cleveland Browns a few weeks ago, haven’t won a post season game this century and are led by a ginger quarterback who wouldn’t be so bad if he had someone with skill guiding him, but, alas, Lewis keeps getting re-signed regardless of his under .500 record of 72-82 after 8 years of coaching the team.

Hopefully the Batmen (yea that seems right) will show the team how it’s done, or at the very least place Eli Manning in Arkham Asylum, cause boy is crazy!

Even populated by a team of Dark Knights, can the Bengals defeat the Super Bowl Champion Giants this Sunday? The answer is simple. Yes... with enough prep time, a cool belt, an endless supply of money, and a total dissreagard for the rules of the game.

Written or Contributed by GHERU


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