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ComiXology "Age Of Ultron" Sale Lacks Classic Avengers-Ultron Battles

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Postby LOLtron » Fri Mar 08, 2013 3:09 pm


ComiXology's one-day "Age of Ultron"sale shows the service's shortcomings in the back-issue department.

Source: ComiXology

ComiXology currently has an “Age of Ultron is Coming!” one-day sale currently running. It features a number of recent notable Ultron appearances, including the Kurt Busiek-George Perez story from Avengers v.2 #0, #19-#22.

Here’s the full rundown of available titles. all on sale for $0.99:

Mighty Avengers #1-6
Annihilation: Conquest Preview, #1-6
Avengers v.2 #0, #19-22
Moon Knight v.4 #1-12
Avengers v.4 #1-6

While the ComiXology sale allows readers to catch up on more recent Ultron appearances, which tie into “Age of Ultron,” it lacks many the must-have Ultron-featured comics such as his first appearance (along with that of the Vision) in Avengers v.1 #57-58,  or the classic Jim Shooter-George Perez “Bride of Ultron” story from Avengers v.1 #161-162, which also introduced Jocasta (and features a pretty amazing fight with Ultron facing off against Iron Man, Thor, Black Panther, and Wonder Man as well).

The sale shows the popular service’s number one drawback - the lack of a solid back issue catalog. While it has the first forty issues of the original Avengers’ run in the sixties, it gets more sparse as the run further on. The Kree-Skrull War issues (vol. 1 #89-97) are available, but if you wan’t any of the classic Avengers’ stories from vol.1 #98-#269, you’re out of luck.

(Of course Marvel isn’t doing itself any favors either by not having these stories, along with the other Avengers/Ultron battles, collected in hardcover or TPB. There should have been one out in conjunction with Age of Ultron.)

ComiXology is a good online service, but it lacks books that would be more attractive to those readers seeking out golden age, silver age, and other pre-2000 comics. The company needs to work with the publishers to bulk up in these areas. This would be beneficial to both the company and the publishers.

Written or Contributed by Juan Cena


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