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Damian: Son Of Batman #4 (Caspar Milquetoast Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Fri Jan 31, 2014 11:23 am

The final issue of this rather odd mini-series is here, and nothing much of anything is really resolved. Unless this is all set-up for a second mini-series or an ongoing series focusing on the adventures of an Adult Damian, it was a bit disappointing in fact.

The bulk of the issue is taken up with Damian fighting the New Joker and his henchman down at the docks in an attempt to save his father’s live, whilst at the same time struggling to not kill his enemies. He does manage to hold off from killing Jackanapes, but in the end, he is forced to kill the Joker, who has a gun pointed right at Bruce Wayne’s head. The way Damian killed Joker was pretty damn hardcore, he ripped him open with his bare (well, gloved) hands, and returned home with his dad. We later see that the Joker isn’t actually dead, well, he’s alive until the real Joker returns and shoots him in the head.

The issue ends with Damian fully claiming the mantle of Batman, having a conversation with Alfred the Cat (it’s still not clear whether this Cat actually can talk or if Damian is crazy) and heading out to fight the new wave of crime that has hit Gotham’s streets in the wake of the real Joker’s return. That’s it pretty much, we don’t see Batman face up against the Clown Prince, and we still don’t know if he actually did kill Dick Grayson. There pretty much has to be a sequel at this point.

I think I actually will pick that up if it happens, because with #4 of this series, I feel like Andy Kubert is starting to come into his own as a writer, but that may be because this issue was mainly just a fight scene showcasing his always excellent art. It has to be said how good this whole mini-series has looked, the story was weird, but every page looked fantastic, Kubert needs to be inking himself all the time going forward I feel.

This was an strange series for sure, and I wouldn’t say it was good, but if you like Damian Wayne as a character, I would say check it out, the final issue holds promise of some kind of weird Judge Dredd/Batman hybrid series in the future, which could be good.

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