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Daredevil: Dark Nights #4 (Could have been a grasshopper Spo

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Postby Punchy » Wed Sep 04, 2013 2:10 pm

This anthology title moves onto it’s second story, and it’s a pretty damn good one. Both written and drawn by Dave Lapham (colours by Lee Loughridge), this is a very fun Daredevil story that really lives up to the kind of stuff Mark Waid has been doing over in the main title for the last few years.

Daredevil is helping to coach a low-level mob guy who’s been set up as a patsy for the killing of a City Councilwoman, only, just as he’s about to get involved, the main piece of evidence, a gun, is stolen by a tiny little man who runs off with it. What follows is a very entertaining chase through New York, as DD tries to get to this little leprechaun dude, Buggit. We see Daredevil come face to face with The Shocker (breakout star of Superior Foes Of Spider-Man, but still a chump), flirt with a hot lady leaning out of the window, and run right into an Avengers battle against a big Jack Kirby monster.

I suppose this story might have worked better back in the days when Daredevil was less involved in the wider superhero world and wasn’t just recently an Avenger himself, but still, it was fun to see Daredevil’s chase interrupted by other superhero elements.

Readers of Stray Bullets will know how good Dave Lapham is as a writer-artist, and while he’s more restrained here than he is on his creator owned work (or even than his last Daredevil story, a surprisingly violent DD/Punisher mini-series), he’s still very good, and it feels like he’s tailored his artwork slightly to be more like the style of Martin, Rivera, Samnee etc.

This is a very enjoyable little story, and if you’re a big Daredevil fan, it’s well worth checking out, and hey, it’s got a weird leprechaun man that looks like Danny Devito, and whilst he’s not as scary as the midgets in Young Liars, he’s still weird.

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