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Daredevil: Dark Nights #7 (Don't you ever get tired? Spoiler

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Postby Punchy » Fri Dec 06, 2013 3:11 pm

Daredevil and Misty Knight’s team-up takes them from Miami to Cuba with this issue, and this story continues to be an enjoyable piece of fluff with a surprisingly sharp edge. Yes, it’s sharp fluff, which makes no sense, but just go with it.

DD and Misty are flying a Helicopter to Cuba to track down the crimelord, King, and rescue Nestor, the witness who has been kidnapped, when the chopper is hit by a missile. Our heroes of course survive, and float to see on a life raft. Misty wants some sexy time with Matt, but he’s so tired he just falls asleep as they drift ashore. This was a funny scene, as it shows the impact these kinds of globe-trotting adventures have on superheroes realistically, and it subverts your expectations of the insatiable horndog that is Matt Murdock.

After that, we get our first look at King, and he’s a bad dude, as when he beats a girl at videogames, her punishment for losing is to actually be kille, which is pretty harsh. Nestor tries to talk him out of it, so instead, King makes the girl and her brother fight to the death, saying, ‘this is better than Spartacus!’. This is all pretty clichéd villain stuff, but I was intrigued when King in the end decides to let them off the death-match, and saves them both. Is he all bark and no bite? Or is he actually not that bad? After all, he hasn’t killed Nestor, only kidnapped him. Who is bad however is Carmen Averez, the head of the mercenaries that King sends after Daredevil and Misty. After some more fun flirting (Misty buys Matt trousers that are too tight), they easily spot they are being tailed, and Matt takes out the soldiers with… oranges? Yep, he chucks oranges at their throats, which is weird, but kind of cool. What follows is a fun chase through the streets, which ends when Averez pulls out a massive fucking missile launcher and fires it right at our heroes, trapping them under some rubble.

Misty is taken to see King, and Matt is loaded into a truck full of dead bodies, which he quickly escapes from. The issue ends with Misty waking up in King’s mansion, being told that Matt is dead, and then given a dress to wear by Averez. It turns out that Misty Knight does know King… and that they used to date, which is an interesting turn of events.

This was a fun issue, with solid, clean art from Thony Silas, and really, that’s all this mini is, a fun diversion of short Daredevil stories, they don’t pack the punch of the main series, but it’s a little different, and that’s good. Plus, the covers from Amanda Conner have been amazing.

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