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David Liss Releasing First Creator-Owned Title

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Postby LOLtron » Tue Oct 16, 2012 8:15 am

David Liss Releasing First Creator-Owned Title

The series is a new high school sci-fi romance series.

Source: Press Release

David Liss is one of the nicest and most criminally underrated writers in the industry.Besides knocking it dead in Dynamite's The Spider (the best pulp comic on shelves today), he also recently announced his first creator-owned series, a high school sci-fi romance called Angelica Tomorrow.  The miniseries is about a broken high school student meeting a broken cyborg assassin and will be illustrated by Allen Byrns. 

You'll be hearing more about this book later, but considering this an opening salvo for the Angelica Tomorrow promoting the site is sure to do for one of our favorite writers (and one-time contributor!). 

Here's the full press release:

David Liss, bestselling novelist and writer of Black Panther: The Man Without Fear, Mystery Men and The Spider and artist Allen Byrns have teamed up to bring their newest creation to independent publishing company 215 Ink.

“Liss and Byrns are representative of the new wave of talent we’ve been seeing in the industry,” said 215 Ink President Andrew DelQuadro, “and they’re a welcome addition to the 215 Ink stable.”

Their book, Angelica Tomorrow, is a high school sci-fi romance between a broken high school kid and an equally – if differently – broken cyborg assassin. Combing slice-of-life humor with action and suspense, Angelica Tomorrow is both an engrossing drama and a gripping page-turner

“When we were developing Angelica Tomorrow, 215 Ink immediately came to mind,” said Liss, “they are putting out a number of amazing and original projects, and I’m thrilled that our book is going to part of that exciting lineup.”

For more information or an interview with DelQuadro, contact him at

Written or Contributed by BlueStreak


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