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Demon Knights #9 (Glad I shot you Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Sat May 12, 2012 2:35 pm

Now that this book has broken out of the initial battle it was stuck in for the first 7 or so issues, I’m enjoying it a fair bit more. I’m really liking how Cornell is expanding the world of the Medieval DCU and doing some unexpected stuff. For example, the city of Alba Sarum we’ve been hearing so much about was founded by two women, Alba and Sarum who are in love with each other, but cannot marry until the city is proclaimed ‘the new Camelot’, you expect a lot of things when reading a fantasy story, but not open Lesbianism, pretty interesting, if not exactly accurate to history, but then again, Demons and Amazons don’t exist, so why quibble. Alba and Sarum send the Demon Knights off on a quest to Avalon to resurrect Merlin, which of course, ain’t gonna be easy, especially when Etrigan is betraying the team to Lucifer (who looked as camp as ever). I liked that this issue still found time for character moments, like the reveal about Al Jabr being a pseudonym, or Ystin talking to his/her horse. The only negative in this issue really was that the art looked very scratchy in some places, not very polished.

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