East Of West #2 (I am constant or I am nothing Spoilers)

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Title: This guy, right?

East Of West #2 (I am constant or I am nothing Spoilers)

Postby Punchy » Fri Apr 26, 2013 2:23 pm

Hickman and Dragotta’s crazy sci-fi western continues, and I’m really digging this book and the entire world that has been created here. I know I complain about Hickman and his portentous slow builds, but I think it works much better here in a self-contained creator-owned universe than in the Marvel Universe. Here, I’m just enjoying learning more and more about his alternate world and any hint is a good thing.

There were some truly bravura sequences in this issue, especially the opening, where the 3 Horsemen ended up killing their way through almost all of the Government before they found a new President that meets their criteria. I also really liked the scene where the new President meets her opposite numbers from each of the other Nations that make up America. It was pure exposition, but I’m already very interested to see what’s behind the likes of Cheveyo and John Freeman and what’s going on in their countries. Just like with Saga, it’s clear that Hickman has a real handle on this world and it’s deep back-story, and as long as he packs the rest of the issues with as much intriguing and exciting stuff and keeps Death as an amazing bad-ass then I’m pumped to find out more.

Nick Dragotta’s artwork is great too, his work meshes wonderfully with Frank Martin’s colours and the book just looks beautiful. This is such a good comic so far and I have so many questions, why are the leaders of the world trying to end the world? Why would Death have a wife? Is the big Indian dude palling around with Death able to turn into a Tiger or something? What’s the deal with the upside down Triforce? Is Death actually Link? I dunno!


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