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X-Factor #234 (Little hot dogs in rolls Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Fri Apr 20, 2012 4:10 pm

This was one of those soap opera issues of X-Factor where the only thing that really happens is inter-team drama, but at least here it was drama that served a purpose and drama that promises to reverberate within the title for a fairly long while. The resurrection of Jamie Madrox is controversial to say the least for the team, with M instantly placing the blame on Layla, thinking she’s turned him into another soulless douche, like Strong Guy. Which makes sense. I really liked the scene where Layla used the telescope to explain the failings of her powers, very clever. I also liked that Havok was rightly a bit pissed off at Jamie, as I said last time, he had turned the team into a well-oiled machine, and now Jamie is messing stuff up! Let’s just hope he doesn’t take as drastic measures as his brother! The plotline with the villains is still not really hitting true for me, but I did find ‘The Insignia’ to be hilarious. Leonard Kirk’s art was once again fantastic, but on a couple of pages the colouring went outside the lines! Unless that was deliberate on the part of Matt Milla, it’s pretty poor, an 8 year old knows to stay in the lines!

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