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X-Factor #237 (Suck it, Ron Weasley Spoilers)

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Postby Punchy » Sat Jun 09, 2012 1:23 pm

This book is in one of it’s up-swings lately, and this issue was a great encapsulation of what makes X-Factor special, it can be very funny, and then on the next page, it get devastate you with drama and emotions. The focus here was on Rahne, who, after barfing up a demon wolf-child, is kind of in a bad way. Polaris and Siryn’s attempt to get her out of her funk by going a road trip. These opening bits with the three of them cruising along in a convertible were just great fun. But then we get to the destination of this road trip, and the return of Madrox’s Priest dupe, John Maddox. It was very interesting to get a catalogue of all the terrible shit that’s happened to Wolfsbane lately, and when Maddox presented her with a cat o’ninetails so she could flagellate herself… the fun stopped, and shit got dark. Of course, Rahne doesn’t go through with it, and it looks like she’s through the worst of it now. I’m looking forward to a non-mopey Rahne from now on, and hopefully she can help this book continue on the great run it’s been on since Regenesis.

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